Thirukachur Shiva Temple Open Close Timings Today

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Kachabeswarar Temple is one of the famous temples in Tamil Nadu Which is located in the small village Thirukachur Near to Kanchipuram. This is a Famous Hindu temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Hundreds of devotees visit this temple and worship the lord Shiva here. Here, Lord Shiva is named Kachabeswarar and took pooja in the form of lingam.  Goddess Parvati also gives darshan to devotees with Lord Shiva here. Mata Parvathi is named Antanatchi and Kanniyumaiyal in this temple. Let’s see the details about Thirukachur Shiva Temple Open Close Timings Today in detail here.

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Thirukachur Shiva Temple Open Close Timings Today:

Here, The main god is praised in the Tamil Saiva literary work Tevaram, which was written by Tamil saint writers called Nayanars in the 7th century and is called Paadal Petra Sthalam. The temple and the Marundeeswarar Temple, which are in the same village, are like twins.

The temple grounds are two acres, and the temple tank is directly across from the main entrance. The most important shrines in the temple are those of Kachabeswarar and his wives Antanatchi and Kanniyumaiyal, Thiyagarajar, and Sundarar getting food from Shiav. All of the shrines in the temple are surrounded by big, rectangular granite walls that are built in a circle. In front of the main tower, there is a sixteen-pillared hall with carved columns that show different Hindu tales and gods.

The temple has four daily practices that happen at different times between 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., as well as four events that happen once a year. The most important event is the Brahmotsavam festival, which is held during the month of Magam (February to March).

Cholas are thought to have built the first part of the complex, while the current building was built by the Nayak in the 16th century. In modern times, the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu takes care of the temple and makes sure it stays in good shape.

  • Morning Darshan hours: 08:30 AM to 12:30 PM,
  • Evening Darshan Hours: 05:30 PM to 08:30 PM.

Thirukachur Shiva Temple Open Close Timings Today and History:

As per Hindu mythology, in this temple, Lord Vishnu is in the form of a tortoise (Koormar) and worshipping Lord ShivaHere Lord Vishnu is in the form of a turtle named Karkada, prayed to Shiva at this spot to get holy ambrosia. Because of the story, the place was called Kascapavoor, which later changed to Kachoor, and the god who lived there, Shiva, became known as Karchabeswarar. In another story, Vishnu came to help the Devas in the form of Matsya. He came from the Ocean of Milk. Vishnu showed up here, made a spring, took a bath, and prayed to Shiva there.

Tirukachur is the name of the place because Shiva helped Vishnu. A third story says that Indra, the king of the gods of the heavens, got sick and the doctors of the heavens couldn’t help him. Even the Ashwini Devas from the heavens were unable to fix the disease. Sage Narada told them to worship Shiva, which helped them find the plants on the earth that could treat the sickness.

The plant helped heal Indra, but they couldn’t figure out where on earth they found it. They asked Parvati for help, and she showed up in the form of Irulneeki Amman, which means “the one who clears darkness,” and told them where to go. Scholars say that the temple has been there at least since the time of Sundarar, the great Saiva Nayanar, in the 8th century. The temple’s history dates back to the 10th century. In his lines in the 11th Thirumurai of Thevaram, Sundarar talks about how great the temple is.

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