Thaipusam Festival 2023 Date Puja Timings Tamil Calendar

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Thaipusam festival is celebrated annually during the full moon day in the month of Thai according to the Tamil calendar. Every year Thaipusam festival is basically celebrated in the month of February- March. On the day of the Thaipusam, festival devotees perform the pujas of Lord Muruga/Lord Subramanya Swamy according to their own traditions. Thaipusam festival is mostly celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu. People around the region of Tamil Nadu will also celebrate the festival of Thaipusam with great eve. The celebration of Thaipusam will be varied according to the regional traditions followed by the people. Check below to get detailed information about Thaipusam Festival 2023 Date Puja Timings Tamil Calendar.

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Thaipusam Festival 2023 Date Puja Timings Tamil Calendar

In the year 2023, Thaipusam is celebrated on February 05, 2023.

Thaipusam festival is mainly dedicated to Lord Muruga, considered the son of Lord Shiva. According to the Puranas performing the Thaipusam festival will give devotees positive vibes to face struggles in their life, Thaipusam festival will be mainly performed by people who wanted to get married, couples waiting for children, and also performed by people who are suffering with doshas in their Kundalis. Thaipusam festival is celebrated on the Full moon day in the month of Thai according to the Tamil calendar.

Rituals Followed On Thaipusam Festival:

  • On the day of the Thaipusam festival, people get up early in the morning and take a head bath.
  • After that people perform special pujas to Lord Muruga in their houses and people go to the temple of Lord Muruga and do special puja of Lord Muruga.
  • There will be various types of special pujas performed on Lord Muruga on the day of Thaipusam.
  • There is also a ritual of doing a fast on the day of Thaipusam in the name of Lord Muruga.

Thaipusam Festival 2023 Date Puja Timings Tamil Calendar and History

The triumph of Lord Murugan over the forces of evil is commemorated during the big and vibrant celebration known as Thaipusam. The history that led up to this day’s importance is a fascinating one to learn about. An Asura by the name of Soorapadman is said to have existed, at least according to the Hindu legendary book known as the Skanda Purana. Because of his incredible growth in strength, even when all of the devas worked together, they were still unable to vanquish him. They made a last-ditch effort to rescue the cosmos by praying to Lord Shiva for his assistance. In response, Lord Shiva used his almighty powers to conceive Lord Murugan.

The heavenly spear known as the Vel, which has the ability to vanquish all forms of evil, was a gift from Lord Murugan’s mother, Parvathi. Lord Murugan made his way to the battlefield, where he engaged in combat with Soorapadman and ultimately prevailed over him using his skills. He then made his appearance before his followers while perched on a peacock. As a result, the devas were successful in reestablishing peace across the cosmos after Asura’s demise. This day became known as Thaipusam when it was first celebrated by devotees.

The preparations for Thaipusam begin many weeks, and sometimes even several months, in advance. Approximately one week before the celebration, the devotees prepare their minds and bodies by engaging in prolonged prayer and abstaining from food. On the day of Thaipusam, worshippers would conduct a variety of acts of penance, such as walking around with a Kavadi (burden). Some of the most severe ways of expressing gratitude to Lord Murugan include driving skewers into the mouths, cheeks, and bodies of Kavadi carriers, as well as walking through flaming coal and other such activities. The devotees of this religion have the firm belief that by participating in these acts of worship, their sins might be forgiven. They also have the optimistic outlook that their life will be filled with joy, prosperity, and good health.

This is the information about Thaipusam Festival 2023 Date Puja Timings Tamil Calendar in Detail.

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