Guru Dattatreya Jayanti 2022 Date Timings Puja Tithi

Know the details about  Guru Dattatreya Jayanti 2022 Date Timings Puja Tithi, Shri Guru Datta Jayanthi  2022 date, and puja celebrations here.

Dattatreya Jayanthi:

Dattatreya Jayanthi is one of the most famous Hindu festivals which is celebrated in the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Lord Dattatreya. According to the Sanathana Dharma Lord Dattatreya is considered the incarnation of the combined form of the three gods Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. Dattatreya Jayanthi is celebrated by all Hindus throughout the country, especially in the northern states of Maharashtra.

According to Puranas, it is said that Lord Dattatreya was born in the month of Margashirsha on the full moon day. According to the Telugu calendar, Dattatreya Jayanthi is celebrated on the full moon day of the month Margashirsha. based on the Georgian calendar Dattatreya Jayanthi will be celebrated in the month of November-December. According to the Puranas, it is said that Dattatreya is the combined form of the Trinity of gods.

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Guru Dattatreya Jayanti 2022 Date Timings Puja Tithi

In the year 2022, Dattatreya Jayanthi/ Datta Jayanthi is celebrated on 7-December-2022, Wednesday.

Dattatreya Jayanthi/Datta Jayanthi 2022 Timings:

Purnima Tithi starts on 7 December from 8.00 AM onwards.

According to the Hindu Calendar, Dattatreya Jayanthi/Datta Jayanthi is celebrated every year in the month of the Marghashirsha, on the 15th day, also known as Marghashirsha Purnima.

The Puja of Lord Dattatreya Swamy on the day of Datta Purnima is organized with great devotion. All the temples of Lord Dattatreya Swamy are decorated with various types of flowers and special pujas are performed to God on the day of the festival. People perform special puja to Lord Dattatreya Swamy in their houses and also people visit nearby temples of Lord Dattatreya Swamy to seek the blessings of the main deity. On the day of Dattatreya Jayanthi, people decorate the photo or idols of Lord Dattatreya Swamy with various flowers and decorate the surroundings by lighting lamps. After the completion of puja, people offer special Naivedhayam to the deity and perform bhajan programs.

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