Sheetala Ashtami 2024 Date Puja Time Indian Calendar

Know the Sheetala Ashtami 2024 Date Puja Time Indian Calendar, Puja Time, Rules, Festival Significance, Puja Procedure at home, Benefits, and More.

Celebrating Sheetala Ashtami 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Sheetala Ashtami, popularly known as Basoda, is a significant Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Sheetala. The festival is celebrated on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the waning moon phase in the month of Chaitra according to the Hindu lunar calendar. This festival holds great significance, particularly in North India, where Goddess Sheetala is revered as the deity of diseases, especially those caused by heat. This is the brief information about the Sheetala Ashtami 2024 Date Puja Time Indian Calendar in detail.

Sheetala Ashtami 2024 Date Puja Time Indian Calendar

In 2024, Sheetala Ashtami will be observed on April 9th. The exact timing for puja can vary based on regional customs and astrological factors, so it’s recommended to consult a local calendar or priest for precise timing.

Festival Significance

The significance of Sheetala Ashtami lies in its power to ward off diseases. Goddess Sheetala, often depicted riding a donkey and holding a broom and a pot, is believed to have the power to control diseases like chickenpox, measles, and smallpox. The festival is particularly relevant in the summer season when such diseases are prevalent.

Puja Procedure at Home

Step by Step Guide

Preparation Start preparing a day before Sheetala Ashtami. Clean your house, especially the area where you’ll perform the puja. Cook food a day before as it’s customary not to light the hearth on the day of the festival.

Puja Start On the day of Sheetala Ashtami, wake up early, take a bath, and wear clean clothes. Set up an altar with an idol or image of Goddess Sheetala.

Offerings Light a lamp and incense sticks. Offer the food prepared the previous day to the Goddess along with fruits, sweets, and water.

Prayers Chant the Sheetala Ashtami mantra and other prayers dedicated to Goddess Sheetala. If possible, read or listen to the Sheetala Ashtami Vrat Katha.

Prasad After the puja, distribute the Prasad among your family members. It’s believed that consuming this blessed food can protect them from diseases.


  • Maintain cleanliness in and around your house.
  • Cook food a day before as it’s considered inauspicious to light the hearth on the day of Sheetala Ashtami.
  • Avoid consuming fresh food, only consume the food prepared on the previous day.


Observing Sheetala Ashtami is believed to bring numerous benefits:

  • Protection from diseases: The primary benefit is the protection from diseases, especially those occurring due to heat like chickenpox and measles.
  • Blessings of Goddess Sheetala: Devotees are blessed with good health and prosperity by the grace of Goddess Sheetala.
  • Spiritual growth: Observing the fast and performing rituals enhances discipline and devotion, leading to spiritual growth.


1. Can I cook on the day of Sheetala Ashtami? No, it’s customary not to cook fresh food on the day of Sheetala Ashtami. Food for the day should be prepared a day before.

2. Can men observe this festival? Yes, both men and women can observe Sheetala Ashtami.

3. Can I perform puja without an idol of Goddess Sheetala? Yes, you can perform the puja with a picture of Goddess Sheetala if you don’t have an idol.

4. What if I accidentally eat fresh food on Sheetala Ashtami? If you accidentally consume fresh food, seek forgiveness from Goddess Sheetala and continue with the remaining rituals.


Sheetala Ashtami is a significant festival that emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and good health. While the rituals are simple, they carry profound significance and potential benefits. Observing this festival not only brings protection from diseases but also fosters a sense of discipline and devotion, making it a spiritually enriching experience.

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