Navaratri Kolkata Durga Puja Pandal 2022 Map Guide

Know the details about Kolkata Durga Puja and also about Navaratri Kolkata Durga Puja Pandal 2022 Map Guide, Dasara Special Pooja in Kolkata

Kolkata Durga Pandal Puja:

Durga Pooja especially during the Navaratri festival is considered so special and also auspicious. In every part of India, Dasara/ Navaratri festival is celebrated. But every place has its own rituals for performing pooja. Based on these rituals some places are considered special in performing Durga Puja during the Navaratri festival. Kolkata Navaratri festival is one of the famous rituals all over the country. People from all other parts visit Kolkata during the time of the Navaratri festival to see and enjoy the sacred essence of the Navaratri/ Dasara festival.

Why is Kolkata Durga Pooja so Famous:

During the Navaratri festival, each and every corner of Kolkata city is well decorated with lights, flowers, and colored paper. During the five days of the main pooja in the Navaratri festival, well-decorated pandals of Goddess Durga are placed in every street of Kolkata City. Lakhs of people visit Kolkata to see the pandals of Goddess Durga. According to an estimation, there will be 3000 Pandals of Goddess Durga in Kolkata in the year 2022.

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Navaratri Kolkata Durga Puja Pandal 2022 Map Guide

Durga Puja during the Navaratri festival is celebrated with great eve in Kolkata. Many shops selling crafts, clothes, dolls, and many other fancy items will be sold in the streets during the festival. There will be various rituals in Durga Puja like placing the idol of Goddess Durga, Inviting Goddess Durga onto the Earth, and drawing the eyes of Goddess Durga during the last 5 days is considered important in Navaratri festival in Kolkata City.

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