Mysore Dasara Festival 2022 Celebrations Schedule

Know all the information about Mysore Dasara Festival 2022 Celebrations Schedule and also the festival celebration procedure in Mysore.

Dasara festival is a ten days festival and is celebrated in a grand manner in almost every part of India. Every state comprises its vide variety in celebrating a festival. In Mysore, the Dasara festival is celebrated in a grand and different manner. People from all parts of the country visit Mysore to see the Dasara festival celebrations. Many events and functions are conducted as a part of the Dasara festival in Mysore. During these 10 days of the Dasara festival, the Golden Throne in the Royal palace is exhibited for the visitors to see it.

Mysore Dasara Festival 2022 Celebrations Schedule

In Mysore Dasara festival celebrations start on 26 September 2022, Monday, and ends on 05 October 2022, Wednesday.

Events In Mysore Dasara Celebrations 2022:

Most of the Mysore Dasara events are free of cost to visit but for some events like The Torching Parade and others, special tickets are required. VIP tickets and Gold cards acquire some importance in providing facilities to the ticket holders. Some of the most famous events in the Mysore Dasara Festival are as follows:

Maha Navami Procession:

This event will take place on the previous day of the Dasara festival. The main reason behind this event is to worship the Royal Sword. And there will be a parade of Camels, Horses, and Elephants. The next parade is the most famous Jambu Safari held on the day of Dasara/Vijaya Dashami.

Jumbo Safari:

This procession starts from the Mysore palace and reaches Bannnimantap grounds. This Jambu Safari is organized on the day of the festival and the Royal family of Mysore Palace will also take part in this procession. This Jambu safari also includes dance troupes, large bands, and lots of people. Jambu Safari starts from Mysore Palace and the whole attraction in the Jambu safari is the idol of the Chamundeswari Devi placed at the top of a golden seat on an elephant.

Torch Light Parade:

This will take place in the Bannimantap where the Jambu Safari will reach after the procession. This indicates the end of the event in Mysore.

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