Malanada Kettukazhcha 2024 Date Time Celebrations

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Malanada Kettukazhcha 2024: A Vibrant Display of Kerala’s Cultural Heritage

The Malanada Kettukazhcha is an annual festival celebrated at the Poruvazhi Malanada Temple in Kollam district, Kerala. Known for its grandeur and vibrancy, this festival is a cultural extravaganza that attracts thousands of devotees and tourists alike. In 2024, the Malanada Kettukazhcha will be celebrated in March (the exact date will be confirmed based on the Malayalam calendar). See below for the details in brief about Malanada Kettukazhcha 2024 Date Time Celebrations here.

Malanada Kettukazhcha 2024 Date Time Celebrations

The Malanada Kettukazhcha is a day-long festival that starts early in the morning and continues until late in the night. The highlight of the festival, the grand procession of towering effigies and decorated structures, begins in the evening and culminat/es with a grand finale at night. This year, the celebration of Malanada Kettukazhcha 2024 will be on 22nd March. 

Festival Significance

The Malanada Kettukazhcha is dedicated to Duryodhana, the antagonist of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Legend has it that Duryodhana visited this region during his exile and was given a grand welcome by the local population. To commemorate this event, the locals celebrate the Malanada Kettukazhcha every year.

During the festival, towering effigies of horses and bulls, known as ‘kettukazhcha,’ are paraded around the village. These effigies, made from cloth, wood, and bamboo, are artistic masterpieces that represent the region’s rich cultural heritage.

How to Celebrate

While the Malanada Kettukazhcha is best experienced at Poruvazhi Malanada Temple, you can also celebrate it at home by following these steps:

Step 1: Clean your house and set up a space for worship. Place an image or idol of Duryodhana in this space.

Step 2: On the day of the festival, wake up early and take a bath. Wear traditional attire.

Step 3: Offer prayers to Duryodhana. You can light a lamp and incense sticks and offer fruits and sweets as prasad.

Step 4: If you have artistic skills, you can create a miniature ‘kettukazhcha’ using materials like cardboard, cloth, and paint.

Step 5: In the evening, conduct a small procession at home with your family members. Carry the ‘kettukazhcha’ around your house while singing traditional songs.

Step 6: Conclude the celebration by distributing the prasad among your family members.


1. Who is worshipped in the Malanada Kettukazhcha festival? The Malanada Kettukazhcha festival is unique as it worships Duryodhana, a character from the Indian epic Mahabharata, who is usually depicted as a villain.

2. Can anyone participate in the Malanada Kettukazhcha festival? Yes, the Malanada Kettukazhcha is open to everyone, regardless of their religion or nationality.

3. What is the significance of the ‘kettukazhcha’ effigies? The ‘kettukazhcha’ effigies are symbolic representations of the grand welcome given to Duryodhana by the locals during his exile.

The Malanada Kettukazhcha is more than just a festival; it’s a vibrant display of Kerala’s rich culture and traditions. Whether you’re witnessing the grand celebrations at the Poruvazhi Malanada Temple or celebrating it within the confines of your home, the festival promises a unique and memorable experience. This is the brief information about the Malanada Kettukazhcha 2024 Date Time Celebrations in detail.

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