Must Visit Temples Near Pandharpur Vitthal Temple

Know the details about Must Visit Temples Near Pandharpur Vitthal Temple, famous Temples near Pandharpur Vitthal Rukmini Temple

The Vitthal temple at Pandharpur is the most important place of devotion for the Hindu deity Vitthal. It is widely held that Vitthal is a regional manifestation of the god Krishna or Vishnu and that Rakhumai or Rukmini is his wife. It is the temple in Maharastra that receives the most visitors. See below to get the details about Must Visit Temples Near Pandharpur Vitthal Temple

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Must Visit Temples Near Pandharpur Vitthal Temple

Takpitya Vitthoba Temple:

The modest temple that is devoted to Takpitya Vithoba is known as Takpitya Vithoba. There is a story that tells of a lady who was a devoted follower of Lord Vitthal and she would regularly visit the temple to make offerings of buttermilk (tak) and ground Lahi (parched Jowar, wheat, or rice).

In the event that she was unable to make it to the Temple, she made the sacrifice to Lord Vitthala in her house. The Lord was moved by her devotion and began to visit her house on occasion in order to partake of the offerings that she prepared for him. A lady called Radhabai, who was a widow at the time, constructed the shrine in 1540 CE and dedicated it to both the Lord and the woman. Visitors may still see the stone bowl that was formerly used to present the Lord with meals they had prepared for him.

Pundalik Temple:

The Pundalik Temple is a modest temple that can be found right next to the Chandrabhaga River and is just a few kilometers away from the Vitthal Rukmini Temple. Pundalik, who is credited with bringing Lord Vitthal to Pandharpur, is said to have been laid to rest in this Temple, which commemorates the location of his burial place.

Kaikadi Maharaj Math:

The Kaikadi Maharaj Math is about a two-kilometer walk from the Temple in its current location. The complex illustrates a number of mythical events from Hinduism as well as the importance of those events. The idea behind the location is that all of Hinduism’s gods would be gathered together under one roof, and the worshippers will be given an explanation of each deity’s importance.

Vishnu Pad Temple:

The Vishnupad Temple may be found in the countryside around 5 km outside of the city. On a stone slab located close to the banks of the river, it is said that one may see the footprints of Lord Krishna as well as the hoof prints of a cow. According to the beliefs of the locals, Lord Krishna has a daily lunch meeting at this location.


The region of Mangalwedha is referred to as the “Land of Saints” by its inhabitants. Several holy people, including Saint Damaji, Saint Kanhopatra, Saint Basaveshwara, and Saint Chokhamela, are credited as having been born in this city.

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