Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets Cost Online Booking

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A hamlet with the name of Mopidevi can be found in the Krishna district of the Andhra Pradesh state in India. The Mopidevi mandal in the Machilipatnam revenue division calls this building their mandal headquarters. A portion of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region includes this particular hamlet, which is located inside the mandal. The Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple is what makes this town and its surrounding area noteworthy. The hamlet can be reached from Vijayawada in 80 kilometers, and Machilipatnam in 30 kilometers. See below to get the details about Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam tickets Cost Online Booking

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Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets Cost Online Booking

Rishis Sankara, Sanakasa, Sanatkumara, and Sanatsujata are passionate worshippers of Lord Siva. They cut themselves off from this worldly world and stayed nude as a sign of their devotion. Once, in order to worship Lord Siva, they traveled to Mount Kailash, which is known as the “Abode of Lord Siva.”

Sachi Devi, the wife of Indra Dev, Swaha Devi, the wife of Agni Dev, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Lakshmi also traveled to Kailash during this period. Lord Subramanya, who was sitting on his mother’s lap at the time, giggled in a childlike manner at seeing that there were fully clothed goddesses on one side and naked Rishis on the other side.

The goddess Parvati chastised Subramanya for his immature behavior, calling it silly. As Lord Subramanya realized his error, he requested and received permission from his mother to go to Earth in order to make amends there. Lord Subramanya atoned for his wrongdoing by assuming the form of a serpent and praying to Shiva for forgiveness. And through time, the location where it is said that the Lord underwent penance became known as “Mopidevi.”

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Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets Cost Online Booking

It is widely said that Lord Subramanya came in the dreams of a devoted follower named Veeravarapu Parvathalu and informed him of his location at that time. The self-manifested idol was uncovered from the anthill by Parvathalu, along with the assistance of other locals.

Mopidevi temple daily opens in the morning at 5.00 AM and closes at the night at 8.30 PM. Daily hundreds of people visit the temple to do the darshan of the main deity and to seek the blessings of the main deity.

Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets Cost Online Booking and Details

It is not possible to make reservations online. Tickets for the same-day Seva may only be bought at the counter where they are being sold.

In the temple’s innermost Mantap, the Kalyanotsavam ritual will be carried out in honor of the Utsava deities. Following the Kalyanam ceremony, the devotees will be able to have Darshan with the main deity. The family of five will each get lunch as their contribution. Upon completion of the service, the recipient of the Bahuman will get an upper-cloth jacket piece.

Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets Cost Online Booking and Procedure

Nithya kalyanotsavam will be organized daily in the temple from 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM. People have to take a ticket at the temple counter to participate in the Kalyanotsavam which costs Rs 1116. And a couple is allowed to participate in the kalyanotsavam.

The Nitya Kalyanam pooja is performed from eleven in the morning to twelve midday. This action is carried out on a daily basis. You may either do this by yourself or with another person. Nitya Kalyanam puja Tickets price: 1116/-.

The tickets for the Kalyanam pooja may be purchased at the Temple. There is no option to make a reservation in advance via the website.


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