Mopidevi Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

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The Mopidevi Temple, also known as the Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple, can be found in the hamlet of Mopidevi, which is located in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. Around 80 km separate the city of Vijayawada and the city of Machilipatnam from the Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple. In this form, Sri Subramanya Swamy appears as a lingam. (Shiva Lingam). See below to get the details about Mopidevi Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

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Mopidevi Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

The Mopidevi Temple is well-known for its Childless Couples for Childbirth Pooja, its Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja, its Rahu Ketu Dosha Pooja, and its Anapathya Dosha Puja. These pujas are performed for the alleviation of Vision and Ear-related difficulties, the healing of skin-related disorders, a good life partner, and Annaprasana. There is a widespread belief among devotees that if they spend the night at the Mopidevi Temple, they would be granted the blessing of having children.

According to the Sthala Puranas, Sri Subrahmanyeswar Swamy is a Swayambhu, which translates to “self-manifested,” when he appears as a lingam.

Veeravarapu Parvathalu is a very devoted follower of Karthikeya Swamy and works as a potter. When he was asleep one day, Lord Subramanya Swamy appeared in his dreams and told him that the anthill in the hamlet of Mopidevi had a lingam in its center. The next day, Veeravarapu Parvathalu shared his wish with the residents of the hamlet.

The villagers traveled to the location outlined by the lord and proceeded to excavate the anthill. To their astonishment, they discovered the Swayambhu Lingam. Subsequently, they continued to worship the Swayambhu Lingam while keeping the lingam atop the anthill. Clay, which was thought to be exceedingly beloved to Lord Saravana, was used in the construction of further statues of the animals Garuda, Nandi, and Cock by Parvathalu. After he was finished, he put all of the clay idols into the Bhatti, which is a kind of furnace, and cooked them until they became firm.

Sankara, Sanakasa, Sanatkumara, and Sanatsujata were four Deva rishis who were renowned for their unwavering dedication as well as their profound spiritual understanding. Others see the four rishis as being immoral and compare them to children five years old. They do not cover their bodies because they are unaware of the concerns of the outside world and so they choose to stay nude.

One day, they decided to worship Lord Shiva in Kailash, which is also where Sachi Devi, Swaha Devi, Goddess Saraswathi, and Goddess Lakshmi happened to be at the same moment. Karthikeya was found seated in such a position on the lap of Parvathi Devi.

Karthikeya, when he was a boy, was perplexed by the two different types of completely clothed gods and goddesses on the one side, and the naked Deva rishis on the other. He chuckles in a childishly foolish manner now.

When Parvathi Devi sees this, she reprimands Karthikeya for acting in such a dumb manner. After some time, Lord Subramanya Swamy comes to the conclusion that he was wrong, and he asks Parvathi Devi for permission to do penance in order to remove the stain.

Lord Subramanya Swamy was able to rid himself of his stupidity after doing the required penance while disguising himself as a snake for a considerable amount of time. The location where Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swami is said to have performed penance over a thousand years ago is today known as Mopidevi.

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Mopidevi Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

Mopidevi Temple Official contact number 08671257240

Near the Mopidevi Temple, there is a fairly restricted selection of available lodging options. Machilipatnam has both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned hotels and lodges accessible, and the Mopidevi Temples are just 52 km away from the city.

To book accommodation near Mopidevi temple, people can directly go to the accommodation centers and can book the rooms. Rooms will be available every time and during festivals, as there will be a heavy crowd people have to book the rooms in advance to get safe accommodation.

There are so many lodges and hotels around the Mopidevi temple within a little radius distance. people can directly go to the hotels and night stays and can book the rooms.



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