Masa Shivaratri 2023 Date and Time

Know the information about Masa Shivaratri Festival and also Maha Shivaratri 2023 Date and Time, Pooja Vidhi, Muhurtham Timings

About Masa Shivaratri Festival

Maha Shivaratri is performed once a year but Masa Shivaratri is observed every month. According to the Hindu Telugu calendar, Masa Shivaratri is performed on the day of Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi Tithi. In the Telugu calendar, two Chaturdashi Tithi’s will be observed in a month, one in Sukla paksha ( before Pournima)  and the other in Krishna paksha ( before Amavasya).

What is Masa Shivaratri festival?

Masa Shivaratri is dedicated to Lord Shiva and people perform pooja to Lord Shiva on this day and also observe fasting. Performing pooja with various types of flowers and also reciting Stotras related to Shiva gives great results. Check below for the dates of Masa Shivaratri observed in the year 2023.

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Maha Shivaratri 2023 Date and Time

01January20-1-2023, Friday at 06 PM
02February18-02-2023, Saturday at 06 PM
03March20-03-2023, Monday at 06 PM
04April18-04-2023, Tuesday at 06 PM
05May17-05-2023, Wednesday at 06 PM
06June16-06-2023, Friday at 06 PM
07July15-07-2023, Saturday at 06 PM
08August14-08-2023, Monday at 06 PM
09September13-09-2023, Wednesday at 06 PM
10October12-10-2023, Thursday at 06 PM
11November11-11-2023, Saturday at 06 PM
12December11-12-2023, Monday at 06 PM

Significance Of Masa Shivaratri:

  1. Masa Shivaratri is followed and performed by almost all the people in South India and in some parts of North India.
  2. On this day people perform poojas to Lord Shiva with great dedication and also offer various flowers and fruits as naivedhyan to the Lord.
  3. Visiting Lord Shiva temple on the day of Masa Shivaratri and also performing sevas like Abishekam and many others can give great results.
  4. Performing pooja to Lord Shiva on the day of Masa Shivaratri, especially in Pradosha Kalam can save people from Apamruthyu Dosham.
  5. Jataka Doshas in the horoscope will be rectified by performing Pooja and observing fast on the day of Masa Shivaratri.
  6. Even in the temples of Lord Shiva special poojas will be performed on the day of Masa Shivaratri.


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