Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore Special Pooja List

Know the details about Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore Special Pooja List, Mangalore Mangala devi temple special and daily pooja list

A Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Mangaladevi may be found in the neighborhood of Bolara in the city of Mangalore, which is located in the state of Karnataka in India. It is located around three km to the southwest of the main part of the city. The Hindu goddess Shakti, in the guise of Mangaladevi, is honored inside the temple as the presiding deity. Mangaladevi is also the source from which the city gets its name. See below to get the details of the Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore Special Pooja List

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Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore Special Pooja List

The suburb of Bolara in the city of Mangalore, which is situated in the Indian state of Karnataka, is home to a Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Mangaladevi. This temple can be found in the city’s Bolara neighborhood. It may be found around three km to the southwest of the city’s central business district.

Within the walls of the temple, the Hindu goddess Shakti, in her incarnation as Mangaladevi, is revered and worshipped in her role as the presiding deity. In addition to being the origin of the name of the city, Mangaladevi is the source of the river.

The majority of the temple’s construction is comprised of wood, and it is designed in the Kerala style of architecture, which is typical of the temples found across the state of Kerala and the Western Ghats in South India. The principal shrine’s presiding goddess, Mangaladevi, maintains a sitting position throughout the ceremony. The sanctuary is surrounded by shrines dedicated to many gods and goddesses.

Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore Special Pooja List

Devi Mahatme Parayana:

The Devi Mahaatme Parayana consists of the priest reciting words from the Devi Mahaatme, which is a collection of hymns and shlokas that describe the magnificence of the Goddess.

Ashtottara Archana:
As part of the Ashtotthara Archana, the priest makes a gift of kumkum on the devotee’s behalf while simultaneously reciting 108 different names of the Goddess.

Trishanti Archana:
In the Thrishathi Archana, the priest represents the devotee by reciting 300 different names of the goddess in front of the goddess herself.
The Pushpanjali Pooja consists of adorning the Goddess with flowers and reciting shlokas in her honor while individually presenting her with flowers on behalf of the devotee.

Thrimadhura Naivedyam:

Thrimadhura Naivedyam is when the devotee’s priest makes a daily offering of sugar, honey, and butter to the Goddess in the form of Bhog or Naivedyam on the devotee’s behalf.

Panchamrutha Abhishekam:
During the Panchamrutha Abhisheka, the priest pours five different kinds of sacred “Amrit” or nectar over the god. Milk, honey, curd, sugar, and ghee are the five ingredients.


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