Mahanandi Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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One of the nine temples in this region that are dedicated to Nandi is the Shri Mahanandiswara Temple, which is located in Mahanandi. revered animal of Lord Shiva the Bull. This ancient temple had its beginnings more than 1500 years ago when it was first constructed. See below to get the details about Mahanadi Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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Mahanandi Temple Accommodation Online Booking

The temple of Mahanandi can be found to the east of the Nallamala Hills and Forest. The principal deity of the temple is Lord Shiva, who is also referred to as Mahanandeeswara Swamy. Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool District is home to the temple, which can be found in close proximity to Nandyal.

Within a radius of 15 km is a collection of nine Nandi temples that are together referred to as Nava Nandulu. Of these nine holy places, Mahanandi is the most ancient and noteworthy.

There are a number of legends that are connected to this temple as well. Rasa Siddha is said to have constructed a dome above the sanctuary that is referred to as a “Vimana,” and he is also supposed to have made the laborers make sand pyramids, which he subsequently transformed to reflect his riches. Both of these events are described in the tale. The fact that Mahanandi is one of the most favored areas in which Simha, the king’s brother, bestowed beautiful presents is attested to by a copper plate that was crafted by Krishna Devaraya.

Mahanandi Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Hotels, lodges, and even government-run lodging are always available in Nandyal, and similar amenities may be found in Kurnool as well. Some of the establishments that provide lodging include the Devasthanam Temple Choultries, the TTD Choultries, the Naganandi Sadan, the APTDC Haritha Hotel Mahanandi at Kurnool, the Hotel Balaji, the New Udipi Hotel, the Sivapriya Lodge. The Mahanandi hamlet also has many more housing facilities.

Mahanandi Temple Accommodation Booking Procedure:

  • To book a room online, people have to log in to the official website of Mahanadi Temple.
  • After that, according to their date of arrival, people have to book the room by filling in the details provided.
  • The room will be booked after the payment process will be completed.
  • People can directly book the room by going directly to the lodge or making a call.
  • Room costs will be depended on the type of room and also the time of stay.

Mahanandi Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Festivals Celebrated At Mahanandi Temple:

One of the most well-attended occasions for worshipping Lord Shiva and paying tribute to him is the Maha Sivrathri festival, which is also considered to be one of the most important. The festival is celebrated for a total of seven days, beginning on the “Maha Bhula Chaturdasi,” which occurs between the months of February and March and is the 14th day following the full moon.

On a daily basis, the temple is frequented by over 20,000 worshippers coming from all across India, particularly the states of Andhra Pradesh, Mysore, and Maharashtra. Pilgrims often begin their journey by worshipping the deity known as “Mallikarjunaswamy,” and then they proceed in a predetermined sequence to visit the other Nandi temples.

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