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One of the seven Mukti Sthalas in the state of Karnataka, the Kukke Subramanya Temple is devoted to the Hindu god Subrahmanya. It is most well-known for the Sarpa Samskara Pooja, which is a ritual that is conducted to eliminate Kala Sarpa Dosha. In addition, the primary deity of the temple depicts Lord Subramanya atop Vasuki and Shesha, two serpents. See below to get the details about Kukke Temple Ashlesha Guest House Online Booking

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Kukke Temple Ashlesha Guest House Online Booking in Detail:

The Kukke Subramanya Temple and the area around it have been very significant during many of the Yugas that make up the Hindu calendar. Some people also think that on the banks of the stream Dhara, during the Satya Yuga, Lord Subrahmanya was crowned as the Senapati of the gods during the first of the four Yugas. This took place during the Satya Yuga.

Lord Parashurama made a pilgrimage to the temple and the stream during the Treta Yuga in order to atone for the twenty-one times that he had been responsible for wiping out the Kshatriya race. During the time period known as the Dvapara Yuga, Samba, son of Lord Krishna, traveled to this location and took a dip in the Dhara to cure himself of leprosy.

In addition, the Kukke Subramanya Temple has an incredible amount of importance for devotees of Lord Vishnu. A short distance of about 250 meters separates the temple from the Kashikatte Ganapathi statue. In addition, worshippers believe that Sage Narada himself was responsible for constructing it. The Pandavas are said to have visited the Kukke Subramanya Temple in order to pay their respects to the Lord, according to the beliefs of the devotees.

Kukke Temple Ashlesha Guest House Online Booking and Temple History

A temple dedicated to Samputa Narasingha can be found inside the Kukke Subramanya Temple Complex, which is located on the southeastern side. The establishment of the shrine is credited, according to the devotees, to Sri Madhavacharya.

When Sri Madhavacharya went to Badrinath, some people think that he ran upon Ved Vyas, who is considered to be one of the seven immortals who are thought to still be wandering the Earth.

After that, Ved Vyas presented him with eight Saligrama Shilas. These are fossilized stones, and each one depicts a different aspect of Lord Vishnu. The Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is responsible for the worship of six of the Shilas.

In addition to these Shilas, he was also handed a Narasimha Saligrama, which is considered to be so strong that it would destroy all three planets if it is ever discovered. Sri Madhavacharya placed this Narasimha Saligrama, together with 22 Laxminarayana Shilas and five of the Saligrama Shilas, inside a box (Samputa), and then he set it inside the temple. Worship continues today at the Samputa, also known as the Box.

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Kukke Temple Ashlesha Guest House Online Booking Price Details

  • In Ashlesha Guest HouseĀ  Single bedroom – AC room – Rs 255
  • Non-AC room – Rs 105
  • Double bedroom – AC room – Rs 405
  • Non-AC room -Rs 205
  • Triple bedroom – AC room – Rs 505
  • Non-AC room- Rs 255

Kukke Guest House Online Booking Procedure:

  • At the time of arrival, reservations may be made at the Information Center, which is part of the Ashlesha guesthouse complex.
  • After check-in, guests get access to their rooms for a whole day. The typical check-in time is around 3:30 in the afternoon.
  • Personal visits are required in order to reserve a room at the Bangalore One facility.
  • Booking at the B1 facility may be done up to two days in advance.
  • At the B1 center, it is only possible to rent a room for a period of two days.
  • When renting a room at the B1 center, one has the option to pay with either cash or a credit card.
  • The Cottages at the Temple are not currently available for online booking.
  • Upon presenting the receipt and a valid photo ID at the information center, the guest will be sent to the room that has been reserved for them.


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