Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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A Hindu temple known as the Khatu Shyam Temple (Rajasthani and Hindi: ) can be found in the hamlet of Khatoo, which is located in the Sikar district of the state of Rajasthan in India. The city of Sikar is about 43 kilometers away. It is a pilgrimage spot where the god Krishna and the goddess Barbarika, who is often revered as a Kuladevata, are honored and worshipped. The faithful are under the impression that the temple is home to the severed head of Barbarika or Khatushyam, a famous warrior who complied with Krishna’s request to offer his head as a sacrifice before the outbreak of the Kurukshetra War. See below to get the details about Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Accommodation Online Booking And History:

The king of Khatu was a man named Roop Singh Chauhan. Narmada Kanwar, his wife, is said to have had a dream in the past in which the god gave her instructions to remove his picture from the ground. After that, excavation work was done in the location that had been specified, which is today known as Shyam Kund. It turned out to be true, and it gave birth to the idol, which was then respectfully housed in the temple.

Roop Singh Chauhan, whose wife Narmada Kanwar had a dream about the buried idol, was the one who initiated the construction of the first temple in the year 1027 AD. The region known as Shyam Kund is where the idol was unearthed from its resting place.

At the request of the monarch of Marwar at the time, an aristocrat by the name of Diwan Abhaisingh undertook the renovation of the ancient temple in the year 1720 AD. At this point, the temple took on the appearance that it has now, and the idol was placed inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The idol is crafted from a unique kind of stone. A great number of households worship Khatushyam as their patron god.

Another temple may be found in the city of Lambha in the state of Gujarat. People bring their newborn infants to Khatushyam so that they might get his blessings. In this part of the world, they call him Baliya Dev.

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Accommodation Online Booking and Temple Architecture:

  • The temple has several really interesting architectural features. The construction was put together using lime mortar, marble, and tiles for the flooring. Gold sheeting is affixed to the louvers that cover the windows of the sanctum sanctorum. The prayer hall, which is referred to as Jagmohan, is located outside.
  • The hall is rather spacious (its dimensions are 12.3 meters by 4.7 meters), and its walls are intricately decorated with depictions of various legendary events. Marble was used in the construction of both the entry gate and the departure gate. The brackets on both gates are also made of marble and feature ornate floral motifs.
  • One of the most respected temples in all of Rajasthan is the Khatu Shyamji Temple. Khatu Shyamji Lakhdatar is another name for Shyamji. Khatu Shyamji ki Aarti is done 5 times a day. One’s jaw will drop upon seeing a photograph of the Khatu Shyamji Mandir. On the internet, you may find a lot of movies by Khatu Shyamji.
  • On the temple website, the function for the live darshan of Khatu Shyamji has not yet been implemented. The renowned offering that is given as prasad when a request is granted is called Khatu Shyamji Peda, which is also referred to as Chirawa Peda.

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Accommodation Online Booking

If you are interested in spending some time in Khatu, there are a number of places to stay, including the Khatu- Karnavati Bhawan Dharamshala, the Khatu- Shree Kanha Kunj, the Khatu- Shree Shyam Sewa Mandal, the Khatu- Shyam Sahara Bhawan, and the Khatu- Anmol Ratan Khatushyamji, all of which can be found here. These all accommodation centers are at a distance of 200mts to 2 Km from Khatu Shyam Ji temple and rates will be applied according to the room pilgrim’s selection. Pilgrims can directly go to the accommodation center and can book the rooms.




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