Arunachaleswarar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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A prominent Shaivite temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva, the Arunachalam Temple may be found in India. This temple, which can be found in Tiruvannamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu, is included in the Pancha Bhoota Stalam list. The deity in the Arunachaleswarar temple is the form of the Agni Linga. See below to get the details about Arunachaleswarar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Arunachaleswarar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today and History: 

The Agni Lingam is a manifestation of Lord Shiva, and it may be seen at the Arunachalam Temple. The fact that the Arunachalam Temple is the biggest Shiva temple in India is the key to understanding its importance. Girivalam or GiriPradikshanam often known as going around the holy hill in a circle is a significant religious practice of the temple. The devotee is absolved of his sins and released from the cycle of birth and reincarnation as a result of participating in this practice.

Annamalaiyar, also known as Arunachaleswarar, is considered to be the supreme god, while Unnamalaiyar is considered to be his consort. The Tiruvannamalai Arunachalam Temple is also mentioned in significant works of Tamil literature such as the Thevaram and the Thiruvempavai written by the Nayanars.

Arunachaleswarar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today in Detail:

Arunachalesarar Temple daily opens in the morning at 5.30 AM and closes at night at 8.30 PM

Daily hundreds of people visit the temple and participate in the various Sevas that are performed in the temple. People from various parts of the country visit the temple to do the darshan of the man deity. Lord Shiva is considered the main deity in the Arunachaleswarar Temple.

Many people believe that this temple and the town it is located in have a significant amount of spiritual history. The region is home to a number of ashrams and samadhis that pay homage to Indian gurus and other religious figures from around the country. This site has become a spiritual home for devotees and followers of many different religions and cultures from all over the world.

It is well known that the Tiruvannamalai Arunachalam Temple, the sacred hill, and the surrounding environs give out powerful good vibes. Some people even claim, even in modern times, to have seen old Siddhas or holy men deep in meditation in these locations.

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Arunachaleswarar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today and Seva Details:

Daily various Sevas will be performed in the temple to the main deity and even people visiting the temple can participate in the sevas to seek the blessings of the main deity in the temple.

There is a holy hill located behind the Tiruvannamalai temple, and devotees there believe that Lord Shiva established himself there as a Jyotirlinga. In order to worship the deity, people go around the hill in a circle called Giri Pradkshina.

The optimal time to start is about midnight, and the goal should be to finish it by four in the morning. A unique darshan is performed at the temple every morning at 4:30 am, during which the holy cow is allowed to enter the premises. A significant number of worshippers also favor doing giri Pradakshina on the day of Pournami.

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