Guruvayur Temple Thulabharam Timings Online Tickets Booking Cost

Know the details about Guruvayur Temple and also about Guruvayur Temple Thulabharam Timings Online Tickets Booking Cost details and Seva details here.

Guruvayur Temple is one of the most famous abodes of Lord Guruvayurappan, believed to be another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Guruvayur temple is located in Kerala. Guruvayur Temple is also called Bhuloka Vaikunta and is most commonly visited by the devotees of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

Here in Guruvayur temple Lord Krishna is referred to and worshipped as Lord Guruvayrappan. Thousands of devotees visit Guruvayur Temple in Kerala and seek the blessings of the main deity. A large number of people from Tamilnadu and Kerala visit the Guruvayur temple frequently.

Guruvayur Temple Thulabaram Ritual:

There is a ritual of Thulabharam in the Guruvayur temple. People offer some items like water, coconut, butter, flowers, and so many items according to their weight. In the Thulabharam ritual, people offer some puja items to the temple according to their weight.

At the start of the Thulabharam process, people have to check their weight and after that, they have to offer the selected item to the temple according to their weight. Some temples have a list of some specific items to be offered by devotees in the Thulabharam process. In Guruvayur temple in Kerala, people can offer items from water to many other expensive items.

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Guruvayur Temple Thulabharam Timings Online Tickets Booking Cost

In Guruvayur Temple Thulabharam process will be offered daily. Every day Thulabharam Process will begin in the morning around 5.00 AM and continue until the temple closes in the night at 8.30 PM. Check below for the details about Thulabharam items cost and quantity.

Guruvayur Temple Thulabharam Items:

CoconutNo quantity10
Sugar CubesKG30
Rice KG30
Dates KG30

Also Some Other Special Items for Thulabharam

TurmericKG 75
Paddy KG15


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