2023 Tirumala Brahmotsavam Online Darshan Ticket Booking

Know the details about 2023 Tirumala Brahmotsavam Online Darshan Ticket Booking, TTD Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Darshan Booking details here.

The most significant yearly festival held at the Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala-Tirupati, Tirupati district, Andhra Pradesh, India, is Lord Sri Venkateswara Swami vari Brahmotsavam or Srivari Brahmotsavam. The festival lasts for a full month in the month of vina on the Hindu calendar, which occurs between September and October on the calendar.

The presiding god Venkateswara, along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi, are led on a procession on a number of vahanams through the streets surrounding the temple. The festival draws tourists and pilgrims from all around India and the world. The biggest Brahmotsavam, or cleansing ritual, is performed in homage to Lord Brahma at Tirumala.

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Pooja Rituals in Tirumala Brahmostavam:

At the beginning of the Hindu calendar month of Vina, nine days are dedicated to the Brahmotsavam, a celebration similar to Navaratri. On the eve of the first day, the Ankurarpana rite, which entails scattering seeds to symbolize fertility and abundance, is performed. The festival’s opening ceremony, known as Dwajarohana, is marked by the raising of the Garuda flag. Among the religious activities that take place during the festival are daily homas and processions on the streets surrounding the temple. The final day is dedicated to Venkateswara’s birth star. The Sudarshana Chakra is bathed in the temple tank alongside the worshipers. The Chakra is then placed on a large platform so that devotees can walk underneath it and get blessings.

2023 Tirumala Brahmotsavam Online Darshan Ticket Booking

  • The ability to access any Lord Venkateswara-related Seva, Special entry darshan, Accommodation, Hundi, Kalyana vedika, Seva Electronic DIP, and Diaries/Calendars through a multilingual online services platform.
  • Users can provide feedback on the official website. In order to assist pilgrims from throughout the world, TTD and its affiliated organizations have created an information gateway with details about the temples in and around Tirumala and Tirupati.
  • The price of the ticket is Rs. 300 per pilgrim, with a single laddu provided free of charge. Booking is available 24 hours a day online ticket booking services for TTD 300 rs. Click “Generate OTP” after entering a valid phone number and solving the captcha.
  • For the days of Tirumala’s Brahmotsavam, online ticket purchases for special darshan, seva, and VIP darshan will be prohibited. The Free Darshan is the only Darshan offered in Tirumala during the Brahmotsavam.



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