Guruvayoor Temple Wedding Hall Rates And Online Booking

See the details about Guruvayoor Temple wedding Hall Rates And Online Booking, Guruvayoor temple marriageĀ  cost, and online booking

Guruvayoor temple located in Kerala is one of the most ancient and traditional temples of Lord Guruvayoor who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu with four hands. Guruvayoor temple art and architecture represent regional traditions and also ancient architecture. Some thousands of devotees visit the Guruvayoor temple to seek the blessings of the main deity Lord Guruvayoor.

In the Guruvayoor temple, devotees perform several sevas either daily or weekly seva to Lord Guruvayoor to gain some positive vibes. Even devotees think it is very good to get married in the Guruvayoor temple as they believe that the blessings of Lord Guruvayoor will be present in their marriage relationship. For this purpose, Guruvayoor temple management has built marriage/wedding halls so that devotees can book the marriage halls and can perform the ritual of marriage. More marriages will be performed in the temple of the Guruvayoor. Every year thousands of marriages will be held on the premises of Guruvayoor temple. Check below for the details about Guruvayoor temple marriage halls.

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Guruvayoor Temple Wedding Hall Rates And Online Booking

Devotees who want to get married in the temple of Guruvayoor can book the marriage halls in advance. Guruvayoor temple management has constructed three wedding halls in association with the temple. The three famous marriage halls in Guruvayoor are:

  1. Poonthanam A/C marriage hall and it costs 25,000 /-
  2. Narayaneeyam A/C marriage hall costs 18,000 /-
  3. Ambadi non A/C marriage hall and costs 15,000 /-

The cost of these three marriage halls is different based on their capacity. The above-mentioned prices of the wedding halls are tentative and may change according to the requirements of the devotees.

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