Dharmasthala Temple Marriage Halls Booking Procedure

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One of the most cherished places of worship in all of South India, Sri Manjunatha Temple is a symbol of the highest order of spirituality and religious importance. This Shiva temple may be found in the holy town of Dharmasthala, which is situated in the Indian state of Karnataka. The key deity of the temple, known as Majunatheshwara, has assumed the appearance of a Shiva linga. In addition to the primary god that is worshipped there, additional idols such as Dharma Daevas and Shakti are also honored there. Dharmasthala Temple is also the residence of Lord Dharma’s four Guardian Spirits, Kanyakumari, Kalarkayi, Kalarahu, and Kumaraswamy. See  below to get the details about Dharmasthala Temple Marriage Halls Booking Procedure

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Dharmasthala Temple Marriage Halls Booking Procedure

What is the marriage procedure at Dharmasthala Temple?/What are the proofs required to perform a marriage at Dharmasthala?

  • The photocopy of the Aadhaar cards of the bride and groom.
  • photocopies of the Aadhaar cards held by the bride’s and groom’s parents.
  • The couple needs to get Dharmadhikari’s consent of their union and blessings one day before the ceremony is to take place.
  • The Dharmadikari will bestow blessings on everyone who is present throughout the afternoon.
  • In order to accept the contribution and carry out the Special Pooja, the trust demands payment of 500 Indian Rupees from the donor.
  • The deity has granted permission for the couple to sit in front of him, and an extra Pooja will be done for them in particular.
  • When the bride and groom appear before the Dharmadikari, they must both be dressed in white as per tradition.
  • The bride is required to wear a white saree, while the groom is required to wear a white dhoti.
  • The Dharmadikari will start the first day by bestowing acceptance and blessings on everyone.
  • Day 2 will be dedicated to the nuptial ceremonies and the reception.
  • It is very advised that the bride and groom bring photographic verification of their identities with them.

Dharmasthala Temple Marriage Halls Booking Procedure

What is the procedure for marriage hall booking at Dharmasthala temple?

  • There are a  wide variety of wedding halls available at Dharmasthala, each having a capacity ranging from 100 to 500 guests.
  • Charges for one day’s worth of hall rental, water, and electricity must be paid in advance.
  • The time in which the hall is allotted is from 3:00 pm to 3:00 pm (not precise). For a time of 24 hours.
  • There will be an additional cost for things like the décor of the hall, catering services, arranging seating, and purchasing puja items, among other things.
  • The location of the Hall is close to the Temple.
  • Due to the restricted capacity of the venues, advanced booking is needed.
  • Hall allocation cannot be reserved without a booking receipt.
  • These venues are restricted to the performance of Hindu-arranged weddings alone.

Dharmasthala Temple Marriage Halls Booking Procedure

Dharmasthala Temple Samuhika Vivaha Booking:

  • Reservations for the Samuhika Vivaha must be made one month in advance.
  • When making a reservation for the Hall, you will need to have a valid photo ID with you.
  • Breakfast Charges, Mantap Costs, Valaga, Purohit, Pooja Items, Chair Charges, and Lunch Charges are included in the total cost of a marriage.
  • It has been brought to our attention that the Samuhika Vivaha halls cannot be used for receptions or hotel bookings.
  • The Bride and Groom are required to get blessings from Dharmadikari during the afternoon hours one day prior to the wedding.
  • The price of Blessings and Special Darshan is 500 rupees for each couple.
  • After 6 o’clock in the evening, celebrations of any kind are not permitted in Dharmasthala.
  • Wedding ceremonies for large groups often seat between 20 and 30 people.
  • After the wedding, the married couple is eligible to have Normal Darshan.
  • These event rooms are reserved exclusively for the performance of arranged weddings.
  • No rooms are reserved for wedding bookings at this time. It is a separate reservation that must be made.
  • At Dharmasthala, we do not permit weddings to take place throughout the night.


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