Bhogi 2023 Date And Time In Telugu Calendar

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Bhogi is celebrated as the first day in 3 days festival of the Makara Sankranthi. Bhogi and Makara Sankranthi festival is usually celebrated in southern states and also in some parts of the Northern states. Though Bhogi and Makara Sankranthi festivals are celebrated throughout the country, they are called by different names, and also different religious traditions are also followed according to the regional traditions. Sankranthi and Bhogi festivals are also called the festival of Rangolis. During the festival days of Bhogi and Makara Sankranthi people will design various colorful rangolis before their houses. Bhogi and Sankranthi festivals are also called Kite Festival.

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Bhogi 2023 Date And Time In Telugu Calendar

Bhogi is the first day in the three days of the Sankranthi festival. From the day of the Bhogi festival Makara Sankranthi festival is celebrated and from the day of the Bhogi people start to decorate their house premises with various colorful rangolis. Bhogi Mantalu or Holy fir on Bhogi is considered very special. This is the ritual of discarding all the old things in the house and offices. And people believe that doing so will bring new fortune and good hope in their lives.

In the year 2023 Bhogi Festival is celebrated on January 14, 2023.

According to the English calendar, Bhogi and Sankranthi are celebrated in the month of January and according to the Telugu calendar, Bhogi and Makara Sankranthi festivals are celebrated in the month of Pushya. During the Makara Sankranthi festival, God Sun changes his position from the Southern hemisphere to Northern Hemisphere.

Rituals Of Bhogi Festival:

  • On the day of Bhogi people discard all the old unwanted things and also light the fire by adding dried cow dung to make the Bhogi fire more sacred.
  • People prepare sweets in their houses and share them with their neighbors. People enjoy the festival of Bhogi and Makara Sankranthi by designing colorful rangolis and also by flying kites. According to the Georgian calendar, Makara Sankranthi is considered the first festival celebrated at the start of the year.


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