Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule

Know the details about Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule, 2023 Mysore Dushera Festival exhibition dates and schedule, Mysore Dasara Festival 2023 Jamboo Savari details

City of Mysore The Dasara Festival, also known as the Karnataka State Festival, is celebrated every year in Mysore. The 10-day Dussehra event that takes place during Dasara is one of the reasons Mysore is so well-known. Throughout the course of this Dasara festival, there will be many different cultural activities and performances. On the ninth day of Dasara, also known as Mahanavami, the worship of the royal sword takes place. After some time, this sword is included in the parade, along with horses and elephants that have been painted. See below to get the details about Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule

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Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule

During the nine days of Navratri, on the day known as Navami Tithi, a ceremony that is quite similar to Ayudha Puja is performed. In recognition of her use of a buffalo head in the defeat of the demon Mahishasur, the goddess Chamundeswari, also known as the Durga, has been honored.

The Mysore Palace serves as the starting point for the lengthy procession, which travels over 5 kilometers before arriving at Bannimantapa. People pay homage to the Banni tree in the village of Bannimantapa. The extraordinary elephant procession is referred to as Jumbo Savari in the local language. Panjina Kavayatthu is the name of the torchlight procession that takes place at the end of the Dasara Festivals.

Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule

What is the date of the Mysore Dasara Festival exhibition 2023?

During the course of the 10 days that make up Mysore Dasara, there are a number of additional activities that take place in addition to the processions that take place at the festival’s conclusion. Because of the breadth and depth of their offerings, these events are able to enthrall those who attend.

Activities like wrestling, yoga, film festivals, pet shows, treasure hunts, and events highlighting the art and culture of Mysore are included in the lineup of things to do. Other activities include cycling and history tours. This festival places a significant emphasis on food, and as a result, it has a large number of distinct food booths, each of which presents a unique selection of mouthwatering specialties to the attendees of the event.

Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule

What is the ticket price for the Dasara exhibition?

The Mysore Dasara 2023 Exhibition is scheduled to get underway on September 26, 2023, and will last for a total of three months. At least 45 distinct types of entertainment goods and activities that are geared specifically at youngsters will be available. Each individual would be required to pay Rs. 50 in order to enter the show.

The exhibition that takes place on the grounds opposite the Mysore Palace and is hosted there during the duration of the festival up to December is another one of the Mysore Dasara’s most well-liked features. This exhibition brings together every ware that can be found everywhere under the sun and satisfies the desires of every individual.

The goods include things like apparel, cookware, and cosmetics in addition to things like video games, amusement rides, and other forms of entertainment like the Ferris wheel. A great number of people stop by the exhibition whenever they are at the Palace to see it in all of its splendor.

Mysore Dasara Festival Exhibition 2023 Dates Schedule

During the Mysore Dasara festival, the normally dazzling Mysore Palace seems even more breathtaking as a result of the over 100,000 light bulbs that are used to illuminate it.

Another unique part of this regal celebration is the Golden Throne, which is displayed in the Durbar Hall for the whole of Dasara. This throne is maintained there for the length of the festival. The throne will only be visible to anybody who wishes to see it during these 10 days of celebration, which is the only time it will be in public view.



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