Best Time to Visit Dwaraka And Dwaraka Top Attractions

Know complete information about the Best Time to Visit Dwaraka And Dwaraka Top Attractions, Dwara temple Sight Scenes

Best Time to Visit Dwaraka And Dwaraka Top Attractions

Dwaraka Temple is situated in Gujarat State and is an adobe of Lord Krishna. Daily thousands of devotees visit Dwaraka to worship Lord Krishna. Devotees from almost all over the country visit the Dwarakhadhish temple in Dwaraka. Check below for complete information about the best times to visit Dwaraka.

September to March is considered the best time to visit Dwaraka. During this period the whole state will be experiencing cold winters and devotees can participate in many events conducted in Dwaraka. Festivals like Holi and Janmashtami are celebrated in these months. If devotees plan to visit Dwaraka between September and March months the trip will be more eventful.

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Dwaraka Top Attractions:

  • In Dwaraka Dwarakhadhish Temple is one of the important temples which attract devotees. This temple is an adobe of Lord Krishna and is unique in its structure and architecture.
  • Rukmini Devi temple also holds main importance which is 2 Km away from Dwarakhadhish Temple.
  • Sudama Setu is a bridge that is named after Lord Krishnas Childhood friend Sudhama which is constructed on the Gomati River for pedestrians.
  • Dwaraka Beach is also one of the top attractions of Dwaraka.
  • Nageshwara Jyotirlinga Temple, Beyt Island, Lighthouse, Gomati Ghat, and Bhadakeshwar Mahadev Temple are also some of the main attractions in Dwaraka.
  • All the above sites are located at a radius of 1 -2 Km from the center of Dwaraka and easy transportation is available.


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