Badrinath Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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The Badarinath Temple, also known as the Badarinarayana Temple, is a Hindu temple that is devoted to the god Vishnu. It may be found in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, specifically in the town of Badrinath. The temple is also considered to be one of the 108 Divya Desams, which are sacred places for Vaishnavas and are devoted to the god Vishnu, also known as Badrinath. Every year, it is accessible for a period of half a year. See below to get the details about Badrinath Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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Badrinath Temple Accommodation Online Booking

The temple may be found in the Garhwal hill regions of the Chamoli district in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is situated on the banks of the Alaknanda River. The elevation of the hill tracts is 3,133 meters (10,279 feet) above the standard sea level. The mountain known as Nar Parbat can be found just across from the temple, while the mountain known as Narayana Parbat can be seen directly behind the Neelkanth peak.

How much does it cost to stay in Badrinath?

It costs about Rs 1700 to get accommodation in Badrinath. Lodging at Joshimath (about 45 km away from Badrinath): Pilgrims may stay in Joshimath and complete their darshan of Badrinath in a single day because Badrinath is located at a higher altitude than Joshimath. Joshimath has BKTC Guest Houses, Hotels, and Dharmshalas for travelers to stay in.

There are various lodges and hotels near Badrinath Temple. As there will be extremely cold at that higher altitude, people can take accommodation at Joshi Math which is at 45 km distance from the temple. There will be bus facilities available from Joshi Math to the Badrinath Temple. See below for Badrinath Temple Accommodation Online Booking.

Badrinath Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Some of the Ashrams near the Badrinath Temple are:

  • Manava Kalyana Ashram: It is located in Chamoli at Badrinath Road and is located just above the River Alakananda. People visiting the temple can stay in this ashram
  • Bholagiri Ashram: one of the famous Ashrams in Badrinath, people can get cheap and comfortable accommodation in this Ashram.
  • Swamy Narayana Mandir Dharmashala: This is located opposite the Badrinath Temple bus stand and provides food facilities to the pilgrims staying there.

Festivals Celebrated At Badrinath Temple Alaknanda River:

The Mata Murti ka Mela is the most significant festival that takes place at the Badrinath Temple, and it is celebrated throughout the month of September. This festival celebrates the arrival of the Ganga River on Earth. In point of fact, the mother of Badrinath split the River Ganga into 12 divisions for the benefit of all living things on earth. And it is she who has been honored and revered in the guise of Mata Murti.

In addition to this, the Badri-Kedar festival is held in the month of June and lasts for eight days. Performers from all over India take part in this event. In the months of October and November, the happy occasion of Bhatridwitya occurs when the temple is shut down for the winter. After that, an Akhand Jyoti that has ghee in it and is meant to burn for six months is lighted.

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