Top Tourist Temples To Visit Near Ganpatipule Temple

Know the details about Top Tourist Temples To Visit Near Ganpatipule Temple, and attractive places to visit near Ganpatipule Temple

The Ganpatipule community maintains a healthy balance of spiritual practice and fun activities. This is the land of the 400-year-old Swayambhaoo Ganpati, which is a naturally formed idol, as well as a beach that is dazzling with white sand. Ganapatipule is a wonderful place for a day trip with the family. The temple has been there for four hundred years and may be found at the base of a hill. See below for details about the Top Tourist Temples To Visit Near Ganpatipule Temple

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Top Tourist Temples To Visit Near Ganpatipule Temple

Karhateshwar Temple:

The Karhateshwar Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and may be accessed from the Jaigad Fort by using a route that bears to the left.

Sri Lakshmi Keshav Temple:

The Shri Laxmi-Keshav Temple can be found in the hamlet of Kolisare. A substantial forest surrounds the temple, which has a very old Laxmi and Keshav idol. The ancient art that is shown here is of the highest quality since it was carved on a reddish-black Shaligram stone that came from the Gandaki River in Nepal. The idol is 5 feet in height.

Sri Walneshwar Mandir:

The Shri Walneshwar Mandir may be found five kilometers away from Hedvi. Because this temple, like many others in the area, has a history that dates back 400 years, it is a popular destination for tourists.

Srikshetra Parshuram Temple:

Lord Parshuram, also known as Shrikshetra Parshuram, is the sixth incarnation of the Hindu god Shri Vishnu. This temple is important in its own right, and there are a number of stories and tales that are connected to it. The temple’s magnificent sculptural beauty is an exquisite illustration of a harmonious fusion of Western, Muslim, and Hindu architectural styles.

Top Tourist Temples To Visit Near Ganpatipule Temple

Sri Zari Vinayak Mandir:

A crystal-clear stream can be seen winding its way through the mountains near the Shri Zari Vinayak Mandir, which is located on the Ratnagiri-Pavas route. Because there is a sculpted rock that depicts Lord Ganesha on the upstream bank of the stream (which is called Zari in Marathi), the stream was given the name Zari Vinayak.


This temple of Ganpati has been around for the last 400 years and is located on the Pavas-Poorngad road, some 4 kilometers away from the main road. It is known as Ganeshgule. There is a well-known legend associated with this temple that claims Lord Ganesha moved his residence from Ganesgule to Ganpatipule. This legend is what inspired the Marathi proverb “Gulyacha Ganapati Pulyala Gela” (which translates to “The Ganesh of Gule went to Pule”), which describes the relocation of Lord Ganesha.

Dhoot Papeshwar Temple:

It is just five kilometers away from Rajapur’s main commercial district, where the Dhoot Papeshwar Temple can be found. One may see a Ganesh statue that has been sculpted out of a dark stone and looks really stunning. The Mahashivratri festival is historically observed at the temple from the tenth day of Magh Vadhya to the first day of Falgun Suddha.

Hot Water Spring:

The town of Unhaale is located on the route that connects Mumbai and Goa. In Unhaale, there is a hot water spring. It is widely renowned for its sulfur-smelling hot springs, which provide various medical advantages to tourists, particularly those who suffer from skin conditions. In addition, there is a little temple dedicated to Shiva.


This location, which can be found on the route that connects Mumbai and Goa, has an importance that is comparable to that of the preceding location. It has 14 Kunds, which are earthen tanks surrounded by Jambha rocks and filled with hot spring water that overflows from the rocks. The mystical and healing qualities of the location have led to it being venerated as a sacred site.

Kankaditya Temple:

The Kankaditya temple, also known as Shri Kankaditya Mandir, is a stunning example of architectural design. The statue of the Lord is crafted out of a dark stone in a very impressive way. In addition, the temple is home to a one-of-a-kind silver chariot reserved exclusively for the Lord. In this temple, the celebration of Rath Saptami, also known as Chariot Saptami, takes place between Magh Suddha 7 and Magh Suddha 11.

Mahakali Mandir:

Shri Mahakali Mandir is a Hindu temple that can be found in the community of Adiware, which is on the route that connects Ratnagiri and Rajapur. Shri Yogeshwari, Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahalaxmi, Shri Mahasaraswati, and Shri Ravalnath are the names of the five different idols that may be seen at the temple. Each and every year, the festival of Navaratri is celebrated with a great deal of fervor at the temple.

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