Badrinath Temple Daily Special Pooja Seva Cost Details

Know the details about Badrinath Temple Daily Special Pooja Seva Cost Details, Badrinath Temple daily Seva List, Badrinath Temple Special Pooja Cost details

One of the most well-known Chardham Temples is the Badrinath Temple, also known as the Badrinarayan Temple. Lord Vishnu is honored in the Badrinath Mandir, also known as the Badrinath Temple, which may be found in the town of Badrinath. The architecture of the Badrinath Temple is reminiscent of North Indian design, with its stone walls and decorations.

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Badrinath Temple Daily Special Pooja Seva Cost Details

The temple of Badrinath, which is located in Uttarakhand, is considered to be one of the four most sacred sites in India and is included in both the “Char Dham” and the “Chota Char Dham.” Additionally, the temple is regarded as one of the 108 Divya Desams which are places of worship that are dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

It is only possible to go to the Himalayan region for a total of six months out of the year, starting at the beginning of the month of April and continuing all the way through the month of November. This is because the climate in this region is quite severe.

The sanctuary, known as the Garbhagriha, the prayer hall, known as the Darshan Mandap, and the convention hall, known as the Sabha Mandap, are the three buildings that make up the temple.

The roof of the sanctum is in the form of a cone, and its height is about 15 meters (49 feet). There is a little cupola on the top that has a roof coated in gold and gilded.

What is the cost of a VIP darshan at Badrinath?
It costs about Rs 300 per person to get a VIP Darshan Ticket at Badrinath Temple.

Badrinath Temple Daily Special Pooja Seva Cost Details

Daily Pooja Rituals Performed At Badrinath Temple:

  • Maha Abhisheka Pooja – Rs 4300
  • Abhisheka Pooja – Rs 4100
  • Vedh Path – Rs 2100

Special Pooja Rituals At Badrinath Temple:

  • Swarna Aarti – Rs 375
  • Shayana Aarti- Rs 3000
  • Karpoora aarti – Rs 500
  • Vishnu Sahasra Namam Path: Rs 500
  • Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebration: Rs 10,551
  • Sravan Abhishek: Rs 11,500

Badrinath Temple Daily Special Pooja Seva Cost Details

By Air:

When it comes to the topic of traveling to the Badrinath Temple, devotees have the option of selecting aircraft, trains, or even buses depending on the financial resources that they have available to them. In point of fact, Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is located around 146 kilometers away from the temple, is the airport that is most convenient for traveling to Badrinath. From the airport, one may use private taxis to go to the temple grounds or to the hotel in the immediate vicinity.

By Train:

Passengers who are interested in traveling to the Badrinath Temple by train have the option of alighting at either the Kotdwar railway station or the Ramnagar railway station. The location of the Badrinath temple complex in Uttrakhand is around 146 kilometers away from Kotdwar and 154 kilometers away from Ramnagar. After a person disembarks at the appropriate train station, they have the option of taking either a bus or a cab to travel to the temple.

By Road:

Devotees who want to go to Badrinath by bus have the option of taking a bus that departs directly from major cities in India and arrives at the Badrinath Temple. To ensure that customers do not experience any trouble, all they need to do is book reservations in advance.

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