Badami Fort Opening Closing Timings Today

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Badami Fort was constructed in the year 543 AD by King Pulakeshi of the Chalukyan kingdom. Between the years 540 and 757 AD, the Badami Fort served as the capital of the Chalukyan empire. The Pallavas, however, destroyed the city in 642 AD. During Tipu Sultan’s rule, the fort was reconstructed using new materials. See below to get the details about Badami Fort Opening Closing Timings Today

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Badami Fort Opening Closing Timings Today

Along with chambers for granaries and other fortifications, the fort is surrounded by walls that are double-fortified around its perimeter. In addition, the fort has chambers for other things. A statue of Nandi, the bull that is a representation of Lord Shiva, is placed at the most prominent point of the entranceway.

A sizeable canon is also incorporated on the grounds of the establishment. Once one has made their way to the top of the fort, they are rewarded with a stunning view of the whole city.

There are two Shivalaya complexes that date back to the fifth century that are located in close proximity to this fort, which is perched on the brink of a cliff. Additionally, there is a watchtower that was constructed between the 14th and 16th centuries and may be found at the highest point of this hill. A distance of 500 meters separates the fort from the Badami Bus Stand, which is located some distance away.

Badami Fort Opening Closing Timings Today

In order to reach the fort after leaving the museum, one must first climb a flight of steps that are rather steep. Numerous entrances that are adorned and cut into the rock have been carved out using carvings as the primary method of construction. The route that led to the fort was carved out of a gigantic redstone hillock, which gave the fort a background that was really one of a kind by its very nature.

It is possible to see a number of water storage beds gradually ascending to the peak of the mountain. Lower Shivalaya and Upper Shivalaya are both well-known names for the two temples that are located inside the fort. Both of these temples are located in the same area. The Lower Shivalaya is a structure that is just two stories tall and is situated on the corner of a hill that provides a panorama of the town of Badami.

Upper Shivalaya is the name of the monument that is located on top of the hill and bears the architectural style of the Dravidian language. Around the fort, there are a number of buildings that have been left unoccupied for an extended period of time.

Badami Fort Opening Closing Timings Today

It is possible to enjoy stunning views of all of Badami’s features from the fort, which includes the caves, the lake, the Bhoothanatha temples, and other well-known locations. If one climbs to the top of the fort hill, one will get a view of the whole town of Badami. Tipu Sultan, who was so pleased with the position that he ordered the building of a fort, was the one who constructed the bulk of the present-day fort on the eastern side.

This fort was erected in the 18th century. The construction of the edifice did not reach its final stage until the 18th century, despite the fact that the oldest structures were built under the Chalukya administration. The cannon that Tipu brought to the fort in the 16th century is the principal attraction that visitors come to see.

Badami Fort Opening Closing Timings Today

The region is considered a semi-arid region owing to its geographical location; hence, the best time to visit Badami is between the months of October and April, which are the months that fall between winter and spring. It is common for the temperature to remain within an acceptable range during this period of the year, which allows tourists to appreciate the region to the fullest degree possible.

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