2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam Online

Know the details about the 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam Online Booking, Price, Offline Booking, Significance of Panchangam, History of Sringeri Shankara Mutt, and More.

2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam: A Comprehensive Guide

The Sringeri Shankara Mutt is a renowned spiritual institution, known for its rich history and significant contribution to Hindu philosophy. A critical offering from the Mutt is the yearly Panchangam, an essential Hindu almanac. The 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam promises to be an invaluable guide for devotees worldwide. See below for the 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam Online in detail.

2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam Online

Sringeri Shankara Mutt, also known as Sringeri Sharada Peetham, was established by Adi Shankaracharya, one of the greatest philosophers in India’s history. It is the first of the four Amnaya Peethams — institutions dedicated to preserving the Vedantic tradition. For centuries, the Sringeri Mutt has been a beacon of spiritual wisdom and guidance, promoting the teachings of Advaita Vedanta.

Significance of Panchangam

The Panchangam, derived from Sanskrit words ‘Pancha’ (five) and ‘Anga’ (elements), is an essential component of the Hindu calendar system. It provides comprehensive information about the five elements – Tithi (lunar day), Vara (weekday), Nakshatra (constellation), Yoga (auspiciousness), and Karana (half lunar day). It guides individuals to select auspicious dates and times for rituals, festivals, and significant life events.

The 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam

The 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam continues the long-standing tradition of providing accurate astronomical and astrological predictions based on the Indian Vedic system. It offers detailed daily predictions, information about major festivals, auspicious dates, and more. It is an essential guide for anyone seeking to align their activities with the cosmic rhythms.

Online Booking

To cater to the global community of devotees, the Sringeri Mutt offers an online booking facility for the Panchangam. Devotees can visit the official Sringeri Mutt website, navigate to the Panchangam section, and follow the prompts to book their copy. Online payment options are available for convenience.


The pricing for the Panchangam may vary each year, depending on various factors. However, the Mutt ensures that it remains affordable to encourage widespread usage among devotees.

Offline Booking

For those who prefer offline transactions, the Panchangam can be booked at the Sringeri Mutt premises or any of its affiliated institutions across India. The Mutt encourages early bookings to ensure timely delivery.

Step-by-Step Guide for Booking

  1. Visit the official Sringeri Mutt website.
  2. Navigate to the Panchangam section.
  3. Choose the 2024-25 Panchangam.
  4. Click ‘Book Now.’
  5. Fill in the necessary details.
  6. Proceed to payment.
  7. Confirm your booking.


  1. What is the Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam? It’s a yearly Hindu almanac published by the Sringeri Mutt, providing detailed astrological predictions and guidance.

  2. How can I book the 2024-25 Panchangam? You can book it online through the official Sringeri Mutt website or offline at the Mutt premises.

  3. What information does the Panchangam provide? The Panchangam provides details about Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, daily predictions, major festivals, and auspicious dates.

In conclusion, the 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam is more than just an almanac. It’s a spiritual guide that aligns devotees with the cosmic rhythms, helping them plan their lives in harmony with the universe’s natural flow. Its rich legacy and the wisdom it imparts make it an invaluable possession for every Hindu household. This is the brief information about the 2024-25 Sringeri Shankara Mutt Panchangam Online in dtail.

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