2023-24 Ugadi Ontikoppal Panchangam Kannada PDF Online Download Free

Know the details about 2023-24 Ugadi Ontikoppal Panchangam Kannada PDF Online Download Free, Ontikoppal Mysore Panchangam 2023 Kannada PDF Download here.

Ugadi is one of the most important Hindu festivals. People in all regions of the country celebrate the Ugadi festival with their own traditions and rituals. There are many customs and practices followed in this festival. Panchanga Sravanam is one of the most famous rituals mainly followed during the Ugadi festival. People perform various pujas in their houses and enjoy the festival. Pancahanga Sravanam will be practiced on the evening times of the celebration. People can even download the PDF of Panchangam to follow on the day of the Ugadi festival. Check below to get the details about Ugadi Ontikoppala Panchangam.

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2023-24 Ugadi Ontikoppal Panchangam Kannada PDF Online Download Free

Ontikoppal Panchangam is a famous Kannada Panchangam in Karnataka State released every year before the day of Ugadi. Thousands of people follow Ugadi Ontikoppal Panchangam. In Ugadi Panchangam there will be information about Daily Tithis, Festival information, and also details about day-to-day Panchangam.

Ontikoppal Panchangam will be released in the state of Mysore, that’s why it is also called Mysore Ontikoppal Panchangam. This Panchangam will be valid for one year.

Ontikoppal panchangam PDF Download and Booking:

  1. Ontikoppal Panchangam will be booked in three different ways.
  2. Ontikappal Panchangam can be ordered online and can get delivered through the Amazon website.
  3. People can also purchase Panchangam from bookstores and also from special stores specified stores.
  4. Ontikoppal Ugadi Panchangam can also be purchased from the majority of publishers in the Karnataka State.
  5. By downloading the PDF people can get a soft copy of the Ontikoppal Panchangam.
  6. To download the PDF of Ontikoppal Panchangam people can get it from the official website.

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