Karthigai 6 Days Skanda Sashti Viratham 2022 Dates and Pooja Timings

Know the Update regarding Karthigai 6 days Skanda Sashti Viratham 2022 dates and pooja timings, Kanda Sashti Viratham 2022 in Tamil, and Sashti Viratham Procedure here.

Maha Shashti is the name given to the Shashti that falls during the Karthika month. There will be a 6-day fast starting on that day. The day of the Surasamhara festival marks the end of the fast. The Tiruchendur Temple, Lord Murugan’s secondary home, hosts this Shashti Vrat.

Kanda Sashti, which begins on the first day or Pirathamai of the Karthika lunar month and ends on the sixth day or Soorasamharam day, is a six-day fast observed by those who worship Lord Murugan. Soorasamharam is the most significant day of the six-day festival. On this day, Lord Murugan vanquished the demon Surapadman. Soorasamharam is celebrated annually to remember the time when good overcame evil.

The Soorasamharam day happens when Shasti Tithi and Panjami Tithi both fall on the same day, and this is important to remember. Therefore, the majority of temples observe Kanda Sashti if Shasti Tithi starts before sunset on Panjami Tithi.

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Karthigai 6 Days Skanda Sashti Viratham 2022 Dates and Pooja Timings

This season, the 6-day Skanda Shasti Vrat at Thiruchendur Sri Subramania Swamy Temple will start on October 25. (Tuesday). On October 30, Surasamharam will be made available. The beginning of Shashti Tithi is at dawn on October 30 and ends at dawn on October 31.

Procedures for Karthigai Sashti Viratham:

  • Take a cold bath twice daily as part of Sashti Viratham
  • Every morning and evening, someone should place camphor, flowers, and a lit lamp in front of a picture of Murugan in their home.
  • It is recommended to recite Kanda Shashti Kavasam twice daily—in the morning and at night.
  • The Murugan shrine close to the residence is best visited in the evenings for prayer.
  • Alms should be given as frequently as possible every day. It is recommended to read or listen to the Gandashashti Kavasam aloud.

Kanda Shashti Vratham:

Shashti Tithi used to be a crescent-shaped object that grew larger each month. As a result, the period of waxing in the month of Kartika is referred to as Maha Shashti. On this day, a lot of people visit the shrine at Tiruchendur fast.

People think that practicing the Kanda Shashti Vrat and worshipping Lord Murugan will improve their lives. Generally speaking, the Kanda Shashti Vrat should be observed beginning the day after the new moon in the month of Aipasi and running through the days of Pradham and Shashti. Whatever bad events occur in our life, they are all quickly forgotten. Our enemies will be vanquished, and we will advance. On Shashti Vrat, we should worship Lord Muruga to feel better about ourselves.


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