2022 Labh Panchami Dates and Pooja Timings Indian Panchang

See below for the 2022 Labh Panchami Dates and Pooja Timings Indian Panchang, Labh Pancham 2022 Muhurat Timings in Gujarat, Pooja Details Here.

The final day of Diwali celebrations is called Labh Panchami. Labh Panchami is a holiday that is connected to Diwali, the well-known Hindu Festival of Lights. The words “Labh” and “Saubhagya” mean, respectively, “benefit” and “good luck.” Therefore, it is believed that having this day in one’s life will be fortunate and advantageous.

The last day of Diwali celebrations is known as Labh Panchami. According to the conventional Gujarati calendar, it is celebrated This day, which is also known as Saubhagya Panchami, Gyaan Panchami, or Laakheni Panchami is celebrated in Gujarat with great zeal and fervor. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are prayed to for health and wealth on this day.

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2022 Labh Panchami Dates and Pooja Timings Indian Panchang

Labh Panchami 2022 occurs on Saturday, October 29.

Timing for Labh Panchami: October 29, 8:13 am to October 30, 5:50 am

After the Diwali celebrations, most stores and commercial enterprises open on Labh Panchami, which is considered to be a very auspicious day for starting a new business venture. This day is also recognized in Gujarat as the start of the Gujarati New Year.

Muhurat for Labh Panchami Puja:

  • On Saturday, October 29, 2022, is Labh Panchami.
  • Muhurat for Pratah Kala Labh Panchami Puja: 08:13 to 10:21 AM
  • (02 hours and 8 minutes).
  • On October 29, 2022, Panchami Tithi begins at 8:13 AM.
  • On October 30, 2022, Panchami Tithi ends at 05:50 AM.

Rituals for Labh Panchami:

  • Those who didn’t perform Sharda Pujan on Diwali now do it on the day of Labh Panchami. Today, members of the business community open their stores and do puja for their fresh ledgers of accounts. On this day, businessmen also pray to the goddess Lakshmi for her benediction.
  • People pay a visit to friends’ and families’ homes. Additionally, it is customary to exchange sweets as a representation of their “sweetened” relationships.
  • On the day of Labh Panchami, people in some areas also worship their books in an effort to increase their intelligence and knowledge.
  • On Labh Panchami, one must also provide food, clothing, money, or other necessities to the underprivileged and needy.


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