2022 Karthika Pournami Date and Timings

See the details below for 2022 Karthika Pournami Date and Timings, Karthika Masam Pooja vidhanam, Process, and more.

The full moon falling in the holy month of Kartika is the most auspicious day. Success in life will be achieved by performing pujas on this day. Kartika Poornima is the most auspicious day according to the traditional Hindu calendar. On this day, which is considered to be the holiest and great religiously, all the deities should be worshiped and prayed to. Devotees of Hari-Harara will be pleased if they undertake special fasts for their god on this day. In addition, it is said that he will bless the livelihood of the devotees.

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2022 Karthika Pournami Date and Timings

The full moon of Kartika is celebrated this year on 08th November 2022, which is said to be a day specially dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to some mythological stories, Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura on the full moon day of Kartika. It is to commemorate this victory of Lord Shiva that the full moon of Kartika is celebrated as “Tripura Purnima”. This auspicious day takes on more significance when it falls in Kritika Nakshatra. Then the full moon of Kartika will be called Maha Kartika.

It is said that on the special day of the full moon of Kartika, bathing in the holy water and performing Vrata and Puja will bring great merit and merit. It is very auspicious for devotees to bathe and offer worship to the deities as the sun rises early on this day. It is said that God will bless a successful life if devotees perform the puja with a pure mind.

Kartika Masam Pournima Celebrations:

On this auspicious day, devotees bathe in river water or holy water at a special pilgrimage site. This is called the Karthika bath. Bathing in this holy river is said to be the best done in the Tirtha Kshetra of Prayag and Varanasi. Kartika bath is done especially during sunrise and moonrise. It is said to be a very promising time and one will be blessed by God.

Doing Abhisheka to Lord Shiva with milk:

Kartika Purnima is a day dedicated to Lord Shiva. Special prayers, Panchamrita Abhishek and Ksheerabhishek should be done on this day to Lord Shiva who is simple and powerful. Then the worship of Lord Shiva should be done with leaves. If you do this, Lord Shiva will be pleased. Devotees also get mental peace and financial benefits.

Doing Sri Satya Narayana Puja

Kartika Purnima is the most auspicious day for Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Devotees should fast on this day from Shubh Muhurat. Then Satya Narayana Vrata should be observed. Reciting the story of Satya Narayana on this day will bring good fortune in the next life. It is said that happiness and peace reside in the home as well. Those who recite the Satyanarayan Vrata and Katha on this day will be blessed.

Doing Deepa Danam

A lamp should be donated on a holy day like Kartika Purnima. This ritual is celebrated in different parts of the country. It is said to be the most excellent and meritorious method. Performing Vedic mantras and bhajans on this day is considered very auspicious. Puranic stories tell us that happiness and abundance reside in the home forever.

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