2022 Ganesh Visarjan Vinayaka Nimajjanam Date and Time

Know the information about the 2022 Ganesh Visarjan Vinayaka Nimajjanam Date and Time, Sri Ganapathi Visarjan Date and Procedure here.

Vinayaka Chavithi/ Ganesh Chaturthi:

Vinayaka chavithi is aslo known as the birth anniversary of lord vinayaka. This festival is celebrated throughout India with lots of joy. On the day of Vinayaka Chavithi idols of Lord Ganesha are kept in every street and performed pooja. Varieties of food items are offered as naivedhyam to the Lord. On the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi, both kids and elders enjoy singing, dancing, and various other activities are organized.

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Ganesh Nimajjanotsavam:

After performing pooja for specific days, Lord Ganesha’s idols will be submerged in water, and this is named Nimmajjanotsavam. Nimmajjanotsavam dates will be different in different places. In some places, Nimajjanotsavam will be performed for 3 days, and in other places, it will be performed for 5 days, 7 days, 9 days, and even 11 days. The number of days differs for different places. In Hyderabad, Nimajjanotsavam will be organized on the 11th day.

2022 Ganesh Visarjan Vinayaka Nimajjanam Date and Time

In the year 2022 Ganesh Chavithi/ Vinayaka Chavithi is celebrated on 31 August 2022. According to this the date of Nimajjanotsavam will be as follows:

  1. 3rd-day Nimajjanotsavam: 02 September 2022.
  2. 5th-day Nimajjanotsavam: 04 September 2022.
  3. 7th-day Nimajjanotsavam: 06 September 2022.
  4. 9th-day Nimajjanotsavam: 08 September 2022.
  5. 11th-day Nimajjanotsavan: 10 September 2022.

It is believed that performing the Nimajjanotsavam process on Tuesday and Friday is not good. So if any of the Nimajjanotsavam dates falls on Tuesday or Friday then the process is postponed to the next date.

Not only Vinayaka Chavithi festival but Vinayaka Nimajjanotsavam is also celebrated with great joy and fun. People from all age groups participate in the Vinayaka Nimajjanotsavam ceremony with great interest. Later all the idols of Lord Vinayaka will be immersed in large water bodies like Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers.

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