2022 Ahoi Ashtami Radha Kunda Snan Dates Timings Puja Tithi

Know the Update About 2022 Ahoi Ashtami Radha Kunda Snan Dates Timings Puja Tithi, Radha Kund Snan Ahoi Ashtami 2022 Dates Timings Tithi Vidhi, Ahoi Ashtami Vrat 2022 Date, Ashtami Snan 2022 Date Near Guwahati Assam Here.

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Radha Kunda Snan:

According to Hindu tradition, bathing or taking a dip in Radhakunda on Ahoi Ashtami has great importance. On this day, those who are having trouble getting pregnant take a plunge into Radhakunda to ask Radha Rani, the wife of Lord Krishna, for her blessings. The Purnimanta Panchang of North India states that this festival is observed on Kartik Krishna Paksha Ashtami.

On Ahoi Ashtami, it is said that bathing in Radhakunda will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Due to this conviction, millions of couples travel to Govardhan every year to take a swim and seek Radha Rani’s blessings.

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2022 Ahoi Ashtami Radha Kunda Snan Dates Timings Puja Tithi

The finest time to take this sacred swim is at midnight or Nishita Kaal. Therefore, the bath begins at noon and lasts all night. The couple stands in the water and presents Rani Radha with Kushmanda, a raw white pumpkin also known as Petha, in exchange for their want to have their wish come true quickly and for a healthy pregnancy. Kushmanda is dressed with red decorations and given. After their promises are kept, couples visit Radhakunda to express their thanks and take a swim in the lake to honor Radha Rani.

This Year Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Sri Radha Kunda Snan falls on the 17th of October 2022 Monday. This is a very famous vrat and festival in Assam State. People will celebrate this as a very major festival. And, This festival is most Auspicious for Assamese.


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