Sani Pradosham Vrat 2023 Dates Pooja Timings Shani Puja Tithi

Know the details about Sani Pradosham Vrat 2023 Dates Pooja Timings Shani Puja Tithi, 2023 Sani Pradosham dates, Sani Pradosham 2023 Tamil

Pradosham is one of the most powerful pujas or vratham performed to Lord Shiva. Pradosham puja is mainly performed in the evening times. During Pradosham puja special abhishekam and puja are performed in the honor of Lord Shiva in the temple. Each and every temple of Lord Shiva will be filled with a heavy crowd of devotees and all the people can participate in the special abhishekams performed to Lord Shiva.

Sani Pradosham is that Pradosham tithi that falls on Saturday every year. There is a belief that in all Pradoshams Sani Pradosham is considered more powerful. On the day of Sani Pradosham Lord Sani is also worshipped with Lord Shiva. Devotees can perform Sani Pradosham Puja at home but performing in the temple is considered more powerful. Devotees can do Sani Pradosham puja in the temple. Sani Pradosham puja will be completed in 1-2 hours. Check below for the Sani Pradosham puja 2023 dates list.

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Sani Pradosham Vrat 2023 Dates Pooja Timings Shani Puja Tithi

On the day of Pradosham people generally observe fast for the whole day. Especially on the day of Sani Pradosham Puja rituals are performed for both Lord Sani and Lord Shiva. Pradosham will be considered Sani Pradosham if only it falls on Saturday. Check below for Sani Pradosham’s dates in 2023.

118-February-2023Krishna Paksha
204-March-2023Shukla Paksha
301-July-2023Shukla Paksha
430-July-2023Shukla Paksha


On the day of Sani, Pradosham people get up early in the morning and complete all morning routines. People have to take a head bath and perform special pujas to Lord Shiva in their houses. It is very good to visit the temples of Lord Shiva to seek the blessings of the deity.

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