Vellore Golden Temple Darshan Tickets Entry Fee Online Booking

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A large number of people visit the temple to pay their respects to the Lord and to be amazed by His work. It will be incredible for everyone to experience some of the cults that exist in our country. The “Sreepuram Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple” in the Vellore district is an example of such a beautiful “Golden temple” temple. Let’s try to know a bit about this temple here.

History of Vellore Golden Temple

The history of the Golden Temple in Vellore Approximately five hundred years ago, an idol of Sri Narayani Devi appeared in this area of Sripuram as Swayambu. This tiny temple was constructed and worshiped for hundreds of years here. One of these Narayani worshippers had the idea to construct a gold temple for Goddess Narayani twenty years ago, and thanks to his efforts, the temple was finished in 2007 using “15,000 kg of gold.”

The fact that “Narayani Devi” Swayambu was chosen to be the temple’s deity is what sets this particular temple apart from others. This temple is entirely covered and every aspect of it is covered in gold plating. The outside of this golden temple is fashioned to resemble the shape of a star that sits above the “Sudarsana” Chakra that represents Perumal. The prakaram of this temple is approximately 02 KM in circumference, and there is a system in place that allows worshipers to enter the temple’s great hall after circumambulating the prakaram. It is claimed that Matha Narayani bestows 16 blessings on the devotees who come to this place and pray in this manner. Food and other offerings are given to worshippers during this time.

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Vellore Golden Temple Darshan Tickets Entry Fee Online Booking

This Beautiful Sri Lakshmi Narayana Golden temple would be found in Sripuram, which is in the town of Tirumalaikodi, in the district of Vellore. It is easy to get here because of the convenient transportation options.

Regarding attire, you are free to wear any casual clothes you like. But, Traditional wear has the first preference. Darshan can be obtained here free of charge in addition to being available for a fee. The cost of a Special Darshan is around Rs 300.

The Temple Darshan hours for devotees are from 4:00 AM through 7:00 PM.

Temple Address

Sri Narayani Peedam,



Vellore 632055.

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