Tuljapur Temple 108 Bhakt Niwas Online Booking Phone Number

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Tulja Bhavani, a manifestation of the goddess Parvati, is revered not just in Maharashtra but also in Telangana, Northern Karnataka, and Nepal. Literally meaning “generator of life,” “Bhavani” refers to the force of nature or the origin of creative energy. She is revered as a mother figure who provides for her followers while also carrying out justice by eliminating Asuras. See below to get the details about 108 Bhakt Niwas Tuljapur Online Booking Hotel Phone Number

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Tuljapur Temple 108 Bhakt Niwas Online Booking Phone Number

Matha Bhavani blessed Chhatrapati Shivaji at the Mother Goddess Bhavani shrine. Due to its location in Tuljapur, it is also known as Tulja Bhavani Temple in several Maharashtra regions. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peetas that Goddess Parvati is said to have created. Goddess Bhavani in Tuljapur is the second “Shaktipeeta” in order of importance. The source of primordial force and the one who provides life is Bhavani.

Solapur is 45 miles away from Tuljapur. The construction of this temple dates back to the 12th century CE. In Chhattisgarh, a second Tulja Bhavani temple was constructed between 1537 and 1540. In the Gujarati village of Patnakuva Gandhinagar, there is a third temple dedicated to Tulja Bhavani. The priest claims that around the 14th century, this Goddess traveled from Tuljapur to this area. It is claimed that the Goddess is Swayambhu (self emanated). It is true that the word “swayambhu” is constantly used to describe God or the Lady throughout the Vedas, Puranas, and other stories. Yet, it doesn’t relate to the stone statue that is seen in temples.

Tuljapur Temple 108 Bhakt Niwas Online Booking Phone Number

Tulja Bhavani of Tuljapur is the second “Shaktipeeth” after the other two. It is the family god of the Yadavs, the Bhosale Royal dynasty, and numerous other caste-neutral lineages. As a notable follower of the Goddess, the great ruler and founder of the Maratha nation Chatrapati Shivaji visited the temple. It is said that the Goddess gave him a sword—the “Bhawani Talwar”—to succeed in his adventures.

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Tuljapur Temple 108 Bhakt Niwas Online Booking Phone Number and Details

  • The authorized bhakt Niwas of Shri Tulabhavani Mandir Sansthan is known as Tujabhavani Bhakt Niwas, also known as 108 Bhakt Niwas. available for Yatrikaris or Devotees to remain alone as well as with their families.
  • Tuljabhat Mandir Sansthan The greatest amenities are offered to temple guests by 108 Bhakt Niwas. The largest and most reasonably priced hotel rooms in Tuljapur are available at Tuljabhavani Bhakt Niwas, which also has a large atmosphere, a garden area, special outside and covered parking, filter water facilities, and standard and premium rooms. Tuljabhavani Bhakt Niwas employs people around the clock. The Shri Tuljabhavani Mandir Sansthan offers this service.
  • Tulja Bhavani Temple 108 Bhakt Niwas hotel rooms can also be booked by directly calling the hotel. People can call the hotel in advance to book the rooms. Rooms will be blocked for the particular day mentioned by the devotees and rooms will be allotted to the devotees only after payment.

Tuljapur Temple 108 Bhakt Niwas Online Booking Phone Number And Location

A complex series of rites are observed by the temple for the god. Priests perform daily ceremonial baths, clothing changes, and four daily food offerings to the god. Daily activities also involve praying to the Goddess in a devotional manner. The god is ceremoniously laid to rest in the evening. In addition to ceremonial baths and other events like birthdays and weddings, the Goddess’ statue is carried in a procession across Tuljapur.


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