Govt Guest House in Tuljapur Online Booking Accommodation

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On the hills of “Bala Ghat” in the Maharashtra district of Osmanabad, there is a Hindu temple called Tulja Bhavani Temple. Chinchpur used to be the name of Tuljapur. A fierce version of Goddess Parvati called Goddess Bhavani is worshipped at this temple. Bhavani means “life-giver” in Sanskrit. She is known as Karunaswaroopi, which translates as “full with kindness,” in addition to being a fierce manifestation of Goddess Parvati. Around 45 kilometers separate Solapur, Maharashtra’s capital city, from Tulja Bhavani Temple. See below to get the details about Govt Guest House in Tuljapur Online Booking

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Govt Guest House in Tuljapur Online Booking Accommodation

There are three Tulja Bhavani Temples in India. The earliest temple at Tulja was supposedly not built until the 12th century. In 1537 and 1543 CE, the second and third temples were built at Chittorgarh and Patnakuva Gandhinagar, respectively. Tulja Bhavani of Tuljapur is the Shakti Pitha that came in second. The Yadavs, the Bhosale Royal Family, and many other families from other castes in India adore Lord Tuljabhavani as their family deity.

Tulja Bhavani temple daily opens in the morning at 5.00 AM and closes at night at 8.00 PM. 

Devotees are allowed to do the darshan of the main deity from morning 7.00 AM. In some prescribed sevas pilgrims are allowed to participate and they have to book the tickets in advance or can take tickets from the ticket counter.

Govt Guest House in Tuljapur Online Booking Accommodation

The 108 Bhakt Niwas is another name for Tujabhavani Bhakt Niwas, which is the authorized bhakt Nwas of Shri Tulabhavani Mandir Sansthan. both solo and family accommodations are available for Yatrikaris or devotees.

Tulja Bhavani mandir sthan For tourists to the shrine, 108 Bhakt Niwas offers the greatest amenities. The most reasonably priced hotel rooms in Tuljapur are found at Tuljabhavani Bhakt Niwas, which has a large atmosphere, a garden area, special outside and covered parking, filter water facilities, and ordinary as well as premium rooms available. The staff of Tuljabhavani Bhakt Niwas is on duty around-the-clock. Shri Tuljabhavani Mandir Sansthan is the organization that offers this service.

To get a direct booking in the guest house people can call directly and block the room for the date of their arrival. Rooms will be allotted to the people after the payment process. people can contact by this number 91 9130244551.

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Tuljapur Temple Rituals:

Before the morning ritual, all worshippers are called to prayer by a loud drum. Around 5:30 in the morning, the Mahant takes charge of the prayer. Tukoji Bua serves as the Tulja Bhavani Temple’s current Mahant. The Karvir Princely state is present during Charantirtha Puja.

The Mahanta initially cleans the lips and feet of the idol with hot water, scented oil, dudhkhir, and pan. The assembly then joins together to sing the Aarti or sacred music. Nevaidya of Bhaji Bhakri is offered to the Goddess after Aarti. This Nevaidya is presented by Uparkar, the devotee’s lineage representative.

  • A panchamrut and curd bath is given to the Goddess at nine in the morning.
  • The deity is also given bananas, honey, and sugar. Just after taking a bath in water from the Gomukh.
  • In addition, worshippers wash the goddess’ holy throne with mango, sreekhand, and curd.
  • The Mahanevaidya, a huge sacred supper, is presented to the Goddess after her bath.
  • At noon, the devotees light Dhup and Camphor while singing Aarti once again.
  • The deity is then given another bath, and at 6:00 PM pooja is done. This time, Karvir is in charge of organizing everything.
  • The holy water from Gomukh and Nevaidya is presented with cooked rice and ghee when night falls. The name of this ritual is pakkshal.



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