TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking Late Entry Allowed Online Booking

See below for TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking Late Entry Allowed Online Booking, Tirumala Darshan Booking Late Early Reporting Time Booked Slot here.

Tirumala Darshan Details:

Every day, thousands of devotees travel to Tirumala. Online ticket purchases will be made by the visitors to Tirumala. Every pilgrim won’t always be able to arrive at the Darshan on time. Some pilgrims might arrive early, while others would arrive after hours. Some pilgrims in this situation are having to deal with situations like permitting the Darshan. For those seeking Darshan, the Tirumala shrine has specific rules. At all costs, the pilgrims must adhere to (follow) the Darshan rules. However, the pilgrims will take advantage of the circumstance and then gripe about the TTD.

The Tirumala Darshanam Guidelines and the late reporting deadline for several types of Darshan are described below. The pilgrims must make sure they adhere (follow) to the rules at all costs.

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TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking Late Entry Allowed Online Booking

There will be a Darshan for the Sevas that the pilgrims will reserve. This offline service that the pilgrims have reserved will be approved through Supadam. The pilgrims must proceed to Darshan as soon as they have completed the Seva. Only a 30-minute grace period for being late is permitted. In the event that additional pilgrims arrive, the Darshan will be documented.

The pilgrims must be exactly on time and at least 30 minutes early for the infant entry darshan, NRI darshan, and senior citizen darshan. The pilgrims won’t be permitted to have a Darshan if they arrive after the time slot closes.

One hour of late entry or early grace time is available for the special darshan or the Rs 300 darshan. If the pilgrims arrive after this time, they will not be permitted to have the Darshan.

The pilgrims who come for Free Darshan must ensure that they arrive for the Darshan at the designated time period. If they arrive late, the waiting area will do the same and will be tolerated.

30 minutes of grace. It is preferable to arrive on time at the admission point. Staff members may take into account even if it is four hours late on non-peak days. Delays won’t be tolerated during peak times like Brahmotsavam days, the weekend, public holidays, or festival days.

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