Tirumala Sesha Theertham 2023 Opening Dates Timings and Route

See below for Tirumala Sesha Theertham 2023 Opening Dates Timings and Route, TTD Tirumala Sesha Theertham Timings and Darshan details here

Sesha Theertham Tirumala:

Sesha teertham is associated with Lord Vishnu’s sesh nag. Many people visit this location annually to receive Lord Vishnu’s blessings and take in the fresh environment. Sesha Teertham has its own narrative and plays a significant role in Hindu mythology. People claim that Lord Vishnu once requested some water because he was thirsty. He ordered the garuda to get him some water, but the garuda was late, so Lord Vishnu instructed his sesh nag to use his tail to hit a stream and bring the man some water.

Since that time, this location has gone by the name Sesha teertham. Adisesha is another name for the sesha nag that resides above the head of Lord Vishnu. People travel there to pray and seek relief from illnesses such as Sarp dosh. They bribe Lord Vishnu with salt, jaggery, and pepper in exchange for greater health. People think that taking a holy plunge in this water can make you healthy and wealthy, making it one of the holiest temples.

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Tirumala Sesha Theertham 2023 Opening Dates Timings and Route

Timings for Sesha Theertham Tirumala Opening Dates:
The public can enter Sesha Theertham starting on May 10, 2022. It will reopen to the public in 2023 on the pournami day in March, April, or May.
Depending on the person’s ability, the trip to Sesha Theertham will last 6 to 7 hours. The Pachi Kaluva Gangamma temple, which is close to Tirumala, serves as the starting point for the trip to Sesha Theertham.

Route of Sesha Theertham in Tirumala:

The Shesha Tirtha has located 10 Km east of the Thirumala Kshetra. The most thrilling excursion, though, is reported to this ancient shrine in the Natta Nadi forests. Both are getting to the location and traversing the foothills must be done on foot.
Devotees begin their journey from the Pachikalva Gangama Gudi in Thirumala, passing through the Poligadi limestone hills and the Sanarallamitta and Somireddy.

The Ravi Chettu tree then appears, and you can see it from there. There is still a portion of Theertham on the left, hidden in a valley. To reach the final pool, we must cross three water streams in the valley’s center. We shall witness something really holy if we navigate this area on a raft.

You may see clear streams emerging from the forests here. A portrait of Venkateshwara can be found on a rock with a serpent wrapped around it. In the poor light, one must be lucky if one wants to glimpse the water trickling between the rocks.
Worshippers believe that taking a bath here will produce a great deal of holy fruit.

However, dense woods, tall hills that stop the sun from reaching the ground, and trees that resemble sandalwood trees straining for the sky are all made of trees. Therefore, devotees should travel safely by following the proper precautions
Because Shesha Theertham is regarded as one of the most hazardous Tirumala Theerthams, it is a thrilling trip to go to this pilgrimage spot.

Dangerous and challenging to type because you need the TTD’s approval to complete the rest of the pilgrimage. TTD is just occasionally permitted



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