Thrissur Pooram 2024 Date Time Malayalam Calendar

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Thrissur Pooram 2024: The Festival of Festivals

Thrissur Pooram, often referred to as the ‘Festival of Festivals,’ is one of the most spectacular cultural events in Kerala. Celebrated at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur, this grand festival is renowned for its majestic elephant parade, mesmerizing fireworks, and vibrant traditional music performances. In 2024, Thrissur Pooram will be celebrated on May 11th. See below in detail about the Thrissur Pooram 2024 Date Time Malayalam Calendar.

Thrissur Pooram 2024 Date Time Malayalam Calendar

Thrissur Pooram is a 36-hour long festival that begins in the early morning with a ritual called ‘Kodiyettam’ (flag hoisting) and concludes the next day with a grand firework display. The main attractions, including the elephant parade and the exchange of parasols, take place in the afternoon.

Festival Details and Significance

Thrissur Pooram was initiated by Raja Rama Varma, famously known as Sakthan Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin, in the late 18th century. The festival is a congregation of ten temples, with the principal participants being the Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples.

The grandeur of Thrissur Pooram lies in its meticulously organized events, starting from the ‘Kodiyettam’ to the concluding fireworks. The highlight is the ‘Kudamattom’ ceremony, where parasols of various colors and designs are exchanged atop the elephants, against the backdrop of traditional music.

How to Celebrate Thrissur Pooram: A Step-by-Step Guide

While witnessing the grandeur at the Vadakkunnathan Temple is an unmatched experience, you can also celebrate Thrissur Pooram at home with these steps:

Step 1: Clean your house and set up a place for worship. Place an image or idol of Lord Shiva, the presiding deity of Vadakkunnathan Temple.

Step 2: On May 11th, wake up early, take a bath, and wear traditional attire.

Step 3: Start the day by offering prayers to Lord Shiva. Light a lamp, offer flowers, and prepare a sweet dish as prasad.

Step 4: If you’re artistically inclined, you can create miniature parasols using colorful papers and sticks.

Step 5: In the afternoon, conduct a small procession at home with your family members. You can use toys or miniature elephants for the procession and exchange the parasols, mimicking the ‘Kudamattom’ ceremony.

Step 6: Conclude the celebration by watching the Thrissur Pooram fireworks display online and distributing the prasad among your family members.


1. What makes Thrissur Pooram unique? Thrissur Pooram is unique due to its grand elephant procession, vibrant ‘Kudamattom’ ceremony, and spectacular firework display. The festival is a perfect blend of culture, tradition, and devotion.

2. Can anyone participate in Thrissur Pooram? Yes, Thrissur Pooram is open to all, regardless of religion or nationality.

3. Why are elephants significant in Thrissur Pooram? Elephants are considered sacred in Kerala and are an integral part of many religious and cultural festivities. In Thrissur Pooram, they symbolize royalty and are central to the grand procession and ‘Kudamattom’ ceremony.

Thrissur Pooram is more than just a festival; it’s a spectacle that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Whether you’re experiencing the celebrations at the Vadakkunnathan Temple or from the comfort of your home, the festival promises an unforgettable experience. This is the brief information about the Thrissur Pooram 2024 Date Time Malayalam Calendar in detail.

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