2023 Masi Magam Date Time Tamil Calendar

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A prominent Hindu celebration that goes by the name Masi Magam is held across the whole of the state of Tamil Nadu. This celebration takes place once a year during the month of Masi in the Tamil calendar, which coincides with the Magam nakshatra. There is a tradition associated with the celebration of Masi Magam in which participants bathe in one of the holy rivers. It is believed that if one performs this, not only will all of their sins and bad karma be cleansed, but they would also be able to attain salvation after they have passed away. The celebration of Masi Magham is raised to the rank of Maha Magham once every twelve years when Jupiter travels into the constellation of Simha or Leo. This astronomical event only occurs once. See below to get detailed information about the 2023 Masi Magam Date Time Tamil Calendar.

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2023 Masi Magam Date Time Tamil Calendar Puja Tithi

In the year 2023, the Masi Magam festival will be celebrated on March 06, 2023

The practice of going for a swim on Masi Magam is also part of the celebrations since it is believed that doing so brings blessings from one’s ancestors. This holiday is celebrated not just in the state of Tamil Nadu but also in other regions with significant numbers of Tamil Hindus.

2023 Masi Magam Date Time Tamil Calendar Puja Tithi

2023 Masi Magam Festival History:

According to the myths and legends of the Hindu religion, the celebration of Masi Magam is associated with a number of different tales. According to one of these myths, Brahma was the one who first informed Shiva of his intention to start again with the cosmos after it was wiped away. Lord Brahma pleaded with Lord Shiva to get the game going by having him start it at Kumbakonam (a sacred temple city in Tamil Nadu state).

During the process of recreating the universe, Shiva requested that Lord Brahma fill a vessel known as a Kumbha with Amrit and the source energy, then set the Kumbha at the peak of Mount Meru. During the full moon of the Masi month (known as Masi Magam), a pot was discovered, and the process of recreating the cosmos started in Kumbakonam.

An additional tale of Masi Magam is connected to King Vallala of Thiruvannamalai, a follower of Lord Shiva, who is mentioned in the legend. As the monarch did not have any offspring, before he passed away he made a request to Lord Shiva to carry out his funeral rituals for him.

It was the day of Masi Magam when the king passed away, and Lord Shiva honored his last wishes by performing his funeral rituals beside the river and granting him salvation, just as he had promised. It was also proclaimed by Lord Shiva that on the day of Masi Magam, everyone who bathes in holy waters shall achieve salvation and be released from the cycle of life and death. It is a common belief that Lord Shiva travels to the riverside on the day when Masi Magam occurs each year in order to carry out the last rites for King Vallala.

2023 Masi Magam Date Time Tamil Calendar Puja Tithi and Significance of Festival:

The believers celebrate Masi Magam with a lot of fanfare and happiness, and the holiday is associated with a lot of different rites and customs. On the day of Masi Magam, devotees congregate around holy water sources and bathe in the water to cleanse themselves of the sins they have committed in both their current and previous lives.

It is also thought that dipping in holy water would eradicate Pitra Dosh by bringing the blessings of one’s ancestors onto oneself. The sacred statues of deities are transported from their temples to the banks of rivers or the shores of oceans, where they get a ritual washing.

This practice is called Theerthavari, and it involves the participation of hundreds of devotees who take the idols to the beach so that they may be washed there. The ceremony is carried out in the wee hours of the morning, and it is followed by the reciting of prayers, the chanting of mantras, and other such practices.

Gaja-Pooja, in which the elephant is worshipped, and Ashwa-Pooja, in which the horse is worshipped, are two of the most significant pujas that are done on the occasion of Masi Magam. Nevertheless, many other pujas are also held.

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