Tamil Thai Amavasai 2023 Date and Pooja Timings Puja Tithi

Know the Details about Tamil Thai Amavasai 2023 Date and Pooja Timings Puja Tithi, Tamil Month Thai Amavasai Date, 2023 Thai Amavasya Pooja Date, and Puja Timings here.

Thai Masam is the Tamil Month in the Tamil Calendar. World wide Tamilians follow the Tamil calendar to observe the festivals. Thai Masam or Thai Month is one of the important months for Tamilians. Amavasya or Amavasai is the New moon day or no-moon day, where everyone performs the rituals for dead ancestors in their family. Thai Masam or Thai Month usually comes between Mid January and Mid February every year. This Thai Amavasai is a very important day for worshipping the grandfathers or forefathers of the family. Doing Tarpanam, Thithi, Gopuja, Pinda Pradanam, Pida Pooja, tila Homam, Annadanam, and Go grasa samarpanam are Very Important on this Thai Amavasya day. As per belief, Doing the pooja or thinking back about ancestors gives good results in their lives.

Thai Amavasya is very important and the first Amavasya comes after the Sankranthi festival. That Means this Thai Amavasai is the important day to perform the rituals for dead souls. Amavasya comes after Uttarayana gives good results. On this day, there will be huge crowds in the famous temples. Mainly the Seashore temples like Rameswaram and Kanyakumari temples have a huge group to do the tarpanam and tila Pinda pradanam to the dead elders. As per Sanathana Dharma Doing pithru pooja in the holy water like Rivers, Sea or Oceans, or the Sangama Places (The River and Sea Meeting Points) gives great results for Ancestors’ Rituals.

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Tamil Thai Amavasai 2023 Date and Pooja Timings Puja Tithi

  • Like Every Year, The Thai Amavasai falls on 21st January 2023 Saturday at 06:17 AM. Doing the Tarpanam or Pinda Pradanam to the ancestors must be on the Amavasai Tithi Timings Only. Amavasya Tithi Starts on 21st Jan 2023 at 06 AM and Ends on 22 Jan 2023 at 02 AM.
  • A traditional ceremony called Pitru Trpanam or Pitru Karyam is held for the souls of our ancestors. To comfort the ancestors’ souls, this is done. Pitru Lokam After they pass away, ancestors travel to Pitru Lokam. Because they are unable to consume their own food, they like feeding them.
  • preparing pindam Rice, milk, honey, and Curd should be combined, then the pinda round should be held. In front of the ancestor image, this orb ought to be positioned on a leaf. This object is referred to as a pindam, and this danamu is a pinda danam. This pinda should be given to the cow once your pooja has been successfully completed. It should also dissolve in water, such as a nearby river.

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