South Kolkata Navaratri Dasara Durga Pandal Puja List 2022

Know the details about Navaratri festival celebrations in South Kolkata Navaratri Dasara Durga Pandal Puja List 2022, Kolkata Kali Navaratri Puja List

Navaratri Durga Pandals in South Kolkata

Navaratri festival is one of the famous festivals in Kolkata and is celebrated with great eve with a heavy crowd. Not only the people of Kolkata but also people from all other parts of the country visit Kolkata city during the Navaratri festival to see the great Durga Pandals and also to enjoy the real Zeel of the Navaratri festival. Check below for some of the famous Durga Pandals in South Kolkata to visit in the year 2022.

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South Kolkata Navaratri Dasara Durga Pandal Puja List 2022

1. Badamtala Ashar Sangha:

here Durga Pandals are kept since 1999 and received many awards for uniqueness in creating themes. The themes here are related mostly to young minds and try to touch the most sensitive part of the concept and attract more visitors.

2. Suruchi Sangha:

This area Durga Pandal has more than 50 years of history and always concentrates on the theme of Unity in Diversity. Every year its theme is to show and recreate a state of our country. All the elements like the decoration of the idol and food items offered to the idol represent the chosen state and this is the most visited place in South Kolkata.

3. Ekdalia Evergreen Club:

This is old and Durga Pandals are kept here since 1943. Here themes of temples around the country are recreated every year. Durga pandal in Ekdalia Evergreen Club is one of the tallest pandals in Kolkata city.

4. Jodhpur Park:

This is one of the largest themes in South Kolkata. Here all themes starting from traditional themes to hi-tech technology themes are recreated every year.

5. Bosepukur Sitala mandir:

This Durga Pandal has a history of about 50-60 years and also won various awards for its uniqueness in theme recreation. Here the theme recreates the rural and tribal characters and some of their artworks.

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