Sivagiri Mutt Varkala History And Significance

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A hamlet by the name of Sivagiri Mutt may be found in the Trivandrum Municipality of Kerala’s Varkala Municipality. Sree Narayana Guru’s last resting place, also known as his samadhi, may be found at this holy site in the town of Varkala. See below to get the details about Sivagiri Mutt Varkala History And Significance

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Sivagiri Mutt Varkala History And Significance

What is the history of Sivagiri Mutt?

This little temple in Varkala is the focus of a number of local legends. Saint Sri Narayana Guru was revered across Kerala for his work as a social reformer.

In the year 1904, Sri Guru arrived in Varkala. He appreciated the picturesque qualities of Sivagiri Hill. As a result, he constructed a hermitage on the peak of it. He received the territories in the surrounding area as gifts from the government of Travancore as well as from other persons. Because of this, the Sivagiri Mutt, also known as the temple, was constructed.

This location is where Sri Narayana Guru obtained knowledge. He gave the sermon known as Oru Matham. The guiding ideas are that there is only one God, one religion, and one caste. The devotees of Sri Narayana Guru are referred to by a special moniker. The locals refer to them as Ezhavas.

Sivagiri Mutt Varkala History And Significance

On the night of a full moon, Sri Narayana Guru constructed the temple dedicated to the goddess Saraswati which is located inside the complex. Additionally, he put an end to all of the traditions, such as bathing in oil and presenting food. He put an end to these practices at the Saraswati temple that was located inside the Mutt.

Sri Narayana Guru was not only a spiritual leader but also a writer and poet. Janani Navaratna was written by him. This poem was meant to be a tribute to the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Even now, worshippers at the shrine still repeat this line as part of their service to the Goddess.
In the year 1928, Sri Narayana Guru took his last breath inside this shrine.

Dr. P. Palpu and Kumaran Asan were instrumental in the construction of the Mutt along with Sri Narayana Guru. Another well-known Malayal poet is known by the name Kumaran Asan. This Mutt was frequented by notable figures throughout history, including Rabindranath Tagore.

Sivagiri Mutt Varkala History And Significance

The Sivagiri Mutt in Trivandrum occupies a significant role in the lives of the people who reside there.

At the outset, this location was home to a primary school. In addition to this, there is now a night school located at this location. In addition, those members of the untouchable caste who are illiterate are the ones who are served by the night school.
In the temple’s modest museum, which houses the Guru’s personal effects, visitors may learn more about the spiritual leader. This building, which is now a museum, was once the residence of Sri Narayana Guru.

The life and activity of Sri Narayana Guru are depicted and documented in a great number of photographs and written works. As a result of this, it is an excellent location to get knowledge about the social structure that prevailed in the past.
The absence of an idol inside the Mutt is often considered to be one of its defining characteristics. This temple welcomes worshippers of all religious persuasions.


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