Sholingur Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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The Thirukkadigai Temple, which is devoted to Vishnu, can be found at Sholinghur, which is a hamlet located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. The whole temple, which is one of the 108 Divya Desams that have been allotted to Vishnu, is encircled by a granite wall on all sides. The deity Vishnu is venerated in the form of Lakshmi Narasimhar, and his spouse is called Thirumamagal. The Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the state government is responsible for the temple’s upkeep and maintenance. See below to get the details about Sholingur Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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Sholingur Temple Accommodation Online Booking

It is said that a monarch of the Chola dynasty came upon a Shiva lingam and established a temple on the site of his discovery. Both Katikachlam and Chintamani are names that are mentioned for the temple in the Brahma Purana. Both the Sri Vishnu Purana and the Sri Padma Purana make mention how magnificent the location is.

After Rama defeated Ravana, the king of Lanka, the mythology says that Rama desired to go back to his home. After Anjaneya voiced his desire to go with Rama, the prince gave him orders to guard the seven sages known as the Saptarishis. In an effort to get the Saptarishis to break their fast, two demons named Kalan and Keyan produced a ruckus in their community.

Anjaneya made an effort to defend herself from the two devils. For the purpose of destroying both of them as well as other demons, Narasimha handed him his holy discus and sacred conch. The sages saw an appearance of God in the form of Narasimha. He commanded Anjaneya to go to the summit of the little hill, where he would remain till the conclusion of the Kaliyuga era.

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Sholingur Temple Accommodation Online Booking

The name Kadigachalam or Thirukkadigai is used in Hindu texts to refer to the area. Moksha, which is sometimes translated as salvation, is supposed to be attained by devotees after just twenty-four minutes of time spent at the location in question. Tapasya, which translates to “meditation,” was performed by the Saptarishis in this area in order to get a darshan, which is another word for a vision of Narasimha.

In a span of twenty-four minutes, they were able to achieve Moksha. In this region, Sage Vishwamitra was awarded the title of Brahmarishi; hence, the area became known as Simhapuram because of this event. Both at the base of the foothills and at the pinnacle of the mountain, there are a number of inscriptions that point to the significant contributions made by the Chola emperors. There are ruins of Shaivitic temples in the town, such as unfinished stupas and Nandis, which indicate that the Shaivites formerly ruled over the settlement at one time.

Sholingur Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Sholingur Temple’s Official Contact number :

04172-262225(Office), 04172-2622256(Cottage),

04172-200368(Big Temple), 04172-295999(Small Temple),

  • Sholingur temple rooms have all the basic facilities and two people can reside in the room at the same time.
  • Both AC and Non- AC rooms are available and charges differ on the type of room.
  • There are many cottages which are very near the temple and every room will be allotted for a time period of only 24 hours.
  • Extra charges will be paid if the pilgrims want to stay for more time in the room.
  • There are several cottages that will be allotted at the cost of Rs 250, and Rs 150 and are allotted for the time period of 24 hours.




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