Sabarimala Temple 2022 Mandala Pooja Date and Timings Open Close

See below for Sabarimala Temple 2022 Mandala Pooja Date and Timings Open Close Days, Ayyappa Temple Sabarimala 2022 Mandala Pooja Muhurth Timings here.

An essential ceremony performed at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala is called Mandala Puja. The 41-day discipline known as Mandala Kalam that is practised by Lord Ayyappa’s devotees comes to a conclusion on the day of Mandala Puja. On the first day of the Malayalam month of Vrishchikam, the 41-day fast officially begins.

The Sabarimala Temple is among the most well-known temples in the Indian state of Kerala. Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district is home to the Sabarimala temple. The Sri Dharma Sastha Temple is another name for the Sabarimala Temple. The Lord Ayyappa Swamy is honoured in the Sabarimala temple. Lord Ayyapa Swamy receives close to 100 million visitors annually. Sastha’s Sabarimala Sri Dharma temple is perched atop a hill and encircled by mountains and woods.

At the Sabarimala Sri Dharma Sastha Temple, Lord Ayyappan is worshipped. The Sastha temple at Sabarimala is a historic Sastha temple. One of the five temples built by Lord Parasurama is the Sabarimala Sree Dharma temple of Sastha.

Normally, the Sabarimala Temple is open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. When attendance is at its highest, such as during Makara Vilakku Mahotsavam, schedules may be adjusted to accommodate a large number of devotees.

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Sabarimala Temple 2022 Mandala Pooja Date and Timings Open Close Days

  1. Sabarimala Temple is open from 5:00 AM till 10:00 PM
  2. Mandala Puja Important Timings Sunrise December 27, 2022, 7:10 AM
  3. 5:45 PM on December 27, 2022, is sunset.

Mandala Puja and Rituals:

  • In Hinduism, the phrase “mandala” refers to a 41-day span of time. Mandala time is frequently recommended for pujas, rituals, observances, and the consumption of medication. The person doing Mandala Puja is supposed to follow all of the austerities and rituals outlined in the scriptures for the whole 41-day period.
  • The person’s stringent vrat during the Mandal Puja helps him purify his soul and improve his vision. The devotee receives enormous blessings from the holy power invoked during the Mandala Puja that will transform his life forever.
  • Typically, Mandala Puja is performed to appease the person’s favourite deity, regardless of the type of worship. Even women are permitted to perform Mandala Puja with a five-day respite during their menstrual cycle.
  • Devotees roam the jungle barefoot while carrying an offering pouch called an Irumudi or Irumudikkettu on their heads. Devotees choose to wear all-black attire and Rudraksha or Tulsi mala during the Vratham time. And they practise celibacy and austerity in accordance with Vratham’s norms.
  • During the Mandala Puja, it is customary for worshippers to also visit the “Guruvayur Temple” while at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. The “Guruvayur Temple” organises a unique “Abhishekam” ceremony around this period.




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