Nandotsav Festival 2023 Date Timings Significance

Know the details about Nandotsav Festival 2023 Date Timings Significance, Nanda Utsav 2023 date and timings, Nanda Utsav 2023 in Hindi

The day following Janmashtami is when people in North India, particularly in Vrindavan and Mathura, celebrate Nandotsav, which is a festival that is devoted to Sri Krishna. The Nandotsav celebration will take place on September 8 in the year 2023. Nandotsav is a festival that is celebrated at all Krishna Temples in North India. The Nanda Mahotsav is a continuation of the festivities that took place on Sri Krishna’s birthday. See below to get the details about Nandotsav Festival 2023 Date Timings Significance

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Nandotsav Festival 2023 Date Timings Significance

When is Nandotsav celebrated in 2023?

In the year 2023, Nandotsav is celebrated on the next day of the Krishnasthami which is on September 08, 2023.

Why is Nandotsav Celebrated?

The day after Janmashtami is known as Nanda Utsav, and it commemorates Krishna’s parents, Nanda and Yasoda. On this day, the villagers get sweets from the celebrants in honor of Krishna’s parents.

As an act of devotion to the Lord, devotees concoct a sacrifice consisting of 56 different foods, which is known as the “Chhappan Bhog.” Following the fast, this is passed around to all of the participants.

Janmashtami is a festival that is held on Ashtami, which is the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Shravan or Bhadrapad.

Nandotsav Festival 2023 Date Timings Significance

It is reported that everyone from Braj made their way to Nanda’s residence so they could see tiny Krishna and offer their congratulations to Mata Yashoda. From Nanda came wealth in the form of jewelry, clothes, animals, and other goods for the saints and sages. In return, each and every saint and wise man showered Lord Krishna with their best wishes and blessings.

This festival is celebrated at a number of Lord Krishna temples located in and around Vrindavan.

The celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna includes the rituals of Panchamrit Abhishek and maha aarti. On this day, devotees gather in small groups to honor “Govinda” by severing Maakhan Haandis, which are fastened to ropes and hung from the tops of high-rise buildings.

Nandotsav Festival 2023 Date Timings Significance

How is Nandotsav Festival Celebrated?

This festival is held at a number of Krishna temples located around the city of Vrindavan. In order to show respect and honor for the god, the rituals of panchamrita abhisheka and arati are carried out. Certain adherents will get together in smaller groups and then climb to the top of high-rise buildings to smash butter pots that have been secured by ropes.

The festival of Nand Mahotsav takes place the day following the festival of Janmashtami. It is a celebration of the day when Krishna arrived at the house of Nanda and Yashoda, who were his foster parents. Devotees of Krishna commemorate this day with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm, often by re-enacting episodes from Krishna’s youth, such as his stealing curd and butter.


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