Ambaji Mandir Opening Closing Timings Today

Know the details about Ambaji Mandir Opening Closing Timings Today, Ambaji temple timings today, Ambaji Temple location route map guide

Ambaji Temple is one of the most famous temples of Goddess Shakti and is also one of the famous Shakti Peethas in India. Ambaji temple is located on Mount Arasuri in Gujarat. Ambaji temple is also one of the most famous ShaktiPeethas where a part of Sati Devi’s body fell during Shiv Thandav. See below to get the details about Ambaji Mandir Opening Closing Timings Today

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Ambaji Mandir Opening Closing Timings Today

The ‘Arasuri Ambaji Temple’ is really known as the Ambaji Shakti Peetha. It is well-known all over the world for the historical and mythical links it has with many cultural heritage sites. The fact that no idol was ever erected in the Ambaji Temple is considered to be its defining characteristic. Its rituals consist of the childlike form of our Ambe worshipping with Bal Bhog first thing in the morning.

The golden Rajabhog Prasad had been offered at the midday worship service by the youth form. And when dusk approached, it offered adoration to the adult form beside Sayambhog. Our Goddess Ambe would go to and from the Amabji Temple in a variety of vehicles on a regular basis. This temple is the only one of its kind in the whole globe.

At the Ambaji Temple, they chose members of four different Bhatji households to serve as priests. Every year, between the months of April and March, the position of high priest at the temple is passed from one family to another.

Ambaji Mandir Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the timings of Ambaji Temple?

Ambaji Temple daily opens in the morning at 5.30 AM and closes at night at 9.30 PM.

Ambaji is a significant temple town, and each year millions of devotees go there to pay their respects. There are a total of 51 Shakti Peethas, and this is one of them. Chachar Chowk is the location of all of the ceremonial worship that is done in honor of Ambaji.

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Ambaji Mandir Opening Closing Timings Today

How to reach Ambaji Mandir?

By Train:

Mount Abu is the location of the closest railway station, which is located 22 kilometers away from Ambaji. The town of Ambaji does not have its own train station. There are taxis and other cars available, and the trip will take around 26 minutes. Taking a cab from Palanpur to Ambaji is the most time-efficient and hassle-free method of traveling between the two locations.
Taking the Ashram Express from Palanpur to Abu Road is the most cost-effective option for traveling from Palanpur to Ambaji.

By Road:

Ambaji is home to a Gujarat State Transport (GSRTC) bus terminal, which provides connections to the country’s most important urban centers.
You may get there by using the route that goes via Himatnagar, which links up with National Highway No. 8 (which runs from Mumbai to Delhi).
The alternative route travels via Palanpur and Data before meeting up with State Highway SH 56 and bringing travelers to Ambaji.

By Air:

The closest airport is the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, which is located around 180 kilometers from Ambaji. Between Ahmedabad and Ambaji, there is an abundance of bus transportation options.




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