Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple live Darshan

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The Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple may be found in the region of Andhra Pradesh in India. There are several names for this temple, but the most common one is Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple. It is around 70 kilometers away from the city of Vijayawada where it is located. The Darshan Timings for Devotees at the Mopidevi Temple are between the hours of 6:00 AM and 20:00 PM. It is possible that the Darshan hours, Sevas timings, Vratham timings, and pooja timings at the Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple may alter during festivals such as Shasthi days every month, Skandha Shashti, and Subrahmanya Shashti. see below to getĀ  the details about Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple live Darshan

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Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple live Darshan

The four Deva Rishis (sages) Sankara, Sanakasa, Sanatkumara, and Sanatsujata are claimed to have been immortal and to have appeared as tiny children of five years of age, according to a legend. Sankara, Sanakasa, Sanatkumara, and Sanatsujata are the names of these four individuals. The Deva Rishis had a great amount of knowledge and were very dedicated, yet they were unaware of the world that existed outside of their community.

Their lack of awareness was so great, that they were completely oblivious to the fact that they were nude. They made the journey to Kailasa, the home of Shiva, in order to worship him on one of their excursions there. In addition, the goddesses Sachi Devi, Swaha Devi, Goddess Saraswathi, and Goddess Lakshmi arrived at the same moment.

The infant Subramanyeswara was resting his head on the goddess Parvati, his mother, who was cradling him in her lap. When he noticed the difference between the goddesses who were completely dressed and the Deva Rishis who were unclothed, it puzzled him. He started giggling since he was at a loss for what to do, and his mother admonished him for his behavior because of his inappropriate laughter.

Later on, when Subramanyeswar saw how stupid he had been, he sought and obtained permission to do his penance while taking the form of a snake for a number of years. He did this for the rest of his life. Mopidevi is the name that was afterward given to the area where Subramanyeswar did his penance when it was discovered that it had been named after him. The supreme deity, who assumes the shape of the Shiva Lingam and goes by the name of Subramanyeswar Swamy, is also often referred to as the God of Snakes.


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Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple live Darshan

According to certain ancient accounts, the powerful Vindhya mountain, which can be found between North India and South India, became conscious of its own strength and began to ascend upwards towards the heavens. Once it had reached the Sun, the atmosphere became completely black.

The darkness had a negative impact not just on humans but also on immortals, plants, and animals. The Devatas made a prayer to the Sage Agasthya, pleading with him to bring the Vindhya mountain to its senses and teach it humility.

Sage Agasthya was located in Varanasi when the crisis occurred, and he readily consented to handle the predicament. He headed in the direction of southern India. When the Vindhya mountain found out that the great sage had come, it shrunk down to its previous size to make room for him.

The great sage then demanded that the Vindhya mountain keep its original size until he returned. However, Sage Agasthya decided to make his home in southern India. Mount Vindhya kept watching and waiting for the wise man, but he never showed up again.

Even in modern times, the height of the Vindhya mountain range has not changed. The great sage and his followers traveled through this area, during which time Subramanyeswar performed extreme penance and transformed himself into a lingam.

The wise man located the location and said that there were tigers there. He continued by saying that if they walked in the direction of the east, they would come upon a temple dedicated to Subramanya that was called the Subramanyeswar Swamy Temple.

Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple live Darshan

Worship to Mopidevi takes place in the temple by those who are unable to produce children of their own. At the Mopidevi temple, parents bring their children to get a blessing from the principal deity and spend the night there with their partners. Women who have the intention of starting a family are given the task of fashioning a cradle out of a saree and suspending it from a sacred tree on the premises of the temple.

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